New trailer for The Host

Trailer Simon Brew 15 Feb 2013 - 06:44

Based on Stephenie Meyer's book, the film version of The Host is nearly with us. Here's the new trailer...

Based on the book by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, the film version of The Host starts its cinema rollout next month. Telling the story of alien invaders who are possessing the minds of human beings, The Host features Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons (William Hurt and Diane Kruger are in the cast as well), with Gattaca and In Time director Andrew Niccol calling the shots. Niccol - who also penned The Truman Show - has written the screenplay for the film too.

What's more, we now have a new trailer for the movie as well, which you can see below these very words. Take a look...

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The marketing and social media element behind the promotion of this project has been really...well. totally absent? It's so strange.

The idea for the book was fairly interesting - touches of Heinlein's The Puppet Masters. But a pie chart of the book would be 2% interesting idea, 5% stuff happening, 93% talking about feelings. Can't say the trailer looks very different.

The fate of the human race lies with a bunch of pretty twenty year olds? Looks atrocious.

Dear god. Why don't we just smash our faces into a basket of glass.


So when aliens take over the world they will all drive Lotus cars? I'm already rooting for the aliens.

looks bloody awful, haha ;)
i remember a certain korean monster movie of the same name which is one of the best films made, fact x

The Host. When sci-fo meets the stupidity of Twilight saga.

Yep, and the sequel, Host 2, is coming! I think Den should start differentiating between them. The Korean one can be "The Host (KOR)" and this post-Twilight thing can be "The Host (KRAP)".

I guess now that Twilight's over with, we're gonna have to deal with the backdraft of shitty Twilight rip-offs; and the worst one of all is gonna be one from the creator herself.

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