The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey DVD and Blu-ray release date

News Simon Brew 17 Jan 2013 - 07:21

UPDATED: Bilbo Baggins is set to head to disc in March in the US, as The Hobbit prepares for DVD and Blu-ray...

UPDATE: It looks like we're getting the discs even earlier than first thought. The latest news suggests that The Hobbit will hit DVD and Blu-ray in the US on March 19th. We'll confirm the UK date when we get it.

With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey currently sitting with nearly $900m in the bank worldwide, it’s fair to say that Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth has been a resounding commercial success. Part two, The Desolation Of Smaug, arrives in cinemas in December.

Before that though, there’s the small matter of the DVD and Blu-ray releases of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. We already know that an extended version of the film will be released separately later this year (don’t be surprised if it takes Bilbo two discs to leave his home), but the first round of releases are now due in April.

That’s according to Amazon France, which has listed The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for release on April 17th. With thanks to Bleeding Cool, we’ve also learned that the 3D Blu-ray will see the film split across two discs, while the 2D release will contain it on one. Two hours of extras are currently being listed, including videoblogs and a making of. Steelbooks will also be available.

That date hasn’t been confirmed, but it sounds likely. And if it is on the money, Warner Bros is likely to stick to a near universal release date for the discs.

Bleeding Cool.

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I thought we we past the whole 2 disk thing with Blu-rays.
Now 3D films are going to be split - they will need to come up with a new format again to prevent this.

i hesitate to ask this, but will there be a extended edition release later in the year, I mean how much more could PJ add to this already bloated film

Peter Jackson has gone on record by saying that none of the Hobbit films will have "extended/special editions".

About a month ago,i watched a video of Harry Knowles interviewing Jackson.He said there will be an extended edition with 20 - 25 extra minutes.

No he hasn't, he confirmed in December there WILL be an extended edition of 'An Unexpected Journey' running around 20-25 minutes longer than the theatrical cut... instead of adding 25 more minutes to that film, it should have been a good 25 minutes SHORTER; a tighter, pacier, pithier, and more brisk affair that still has both room to breathe and for character development.

The trouble with Sir Peter's extended cuts is only a very small percentage of the reinstated footage is ever really necessary as such, there's no reason that both the 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' trilogies couldn't have single definitive cuts, with separate deleted scenes sections on the subsequent deluxe DVD releases...

This is Peter Jackson. He's probably got the whole Silmarillion in there somewhere.

Hobbit already in March? Ha! That's a good news! But I'll wait for extended cut.

What is the source for either of your comments? Everyone keeps passionately arguing both sides of this, but I have yet to see a legitimate news article confirming or denying an extended version.

Oh no! More middle earth?! Jeez, how does he expect fans to follow him if he's going to keep throwing more and more content into the extended fan versions! He'll be giving us the moon on a stick next, and still people will complain. /sarcasm mode cancel

Nice, but I'll wait for the Extended Edition, thank you.

The source is arrogance and conceit.

It's the not-fans who are bored by the story and want to tell the rest of us what we should like.

A sub-plot puts them out. And an unnecessary rabbit trail to meet an interesting character is too much.

These are the same folks who want to cut Shakespeare's plays down to West Side Story v1, v2, v3 ... etc.

Not to be dismissive of those who are not fans ... but To Be Dismissive of those who purport to tell others what to enjoy.

If you're not a fan, fine; but don't tell me what's 'too much.'

According to your standards... I would take about 90% of all film, and more TV and 'Broadway' and chuck it in its totality.

I would love to have my life back for all the hours wasted taking friends and family to shows that I would never bother to barf on.

But ... that's fine. Some of those shows are great - for others and I would not presume to tell them not to enjoy them.

So again, for those who are thick... this rant is only for those who want to tell me what I'm supposed to like.

Finally ... The Hobbit was the fastest flick I've seen in years. Walking out of the theater patrons stopped in the halls and discussed it until the ushers pushed us out. People shared cards and numbers and email accounts. The third time I saw the film I saw one 30 something bolt - apparently thinking he was going to see a new version of Thor or something like it. The theater owner herself showed up at least 4x to see the film and I saw her crying during the finale the last time I saw the film.

Just MHO...

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