Brand new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Trailer Simon Brew 19 Sep 2012 - 14:11

The second full trailer for The Hobbit, directed by Peter Jackson, is right here...

Given that discussions surrounding The Hobbit for most of the last month have centred on whether the three-film split is a good idea or not, we're finally back to talking about at least one of those specific movies. The film in question is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which arrives in cinemas this December. Considering just how long The Hobbit films have been in development, it's odd to think that we're now just three months way from the first of them. Back when the legal battles were in full flow, this was a point that we may never have got to.

But we have, and we've got a brand new trailer here. And presumably, you're here to watch that, rather than read our waffle. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and here's what Peter Jackson and his team have been up to...

Bleeding Cool.

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Looks good. It doesn't 'feel' like Lord of the Rings from that trailer, though all the characters are there. I assume that's intentional. I think Martin Freeman as Bilbo is a very very wise choice.

Sylvester Bloody McCoy. Amazing.

Radagast! wargs! goblins! giants! jimmy nesbitt! yayy!!!!!!!

I've just had a nerdgasm!

This seems both familiar and new at the same time. While the LotR-trilogy was more somber, the Hobbit does indeed look it will be more like a fairytale. I also like seeing more bits that were probably contributions from del Toro, like the new design for the goblins.

That was actually quite funny. Doesn't feel as heavy as LoTR, but I think that's a wise choice. It feels... just about right, to be honest.

I think I just got a small chubby

PERFECT casting of Freeman as Bilbo, looks like it's gonna be another great trilogy in our lifetime. Also enjoyed "home is behind, the world is ahead" - guessing it's a little homage to Pippin's wee song for Denethor.

Great to see Sylvester McCoy! Looks really good, with a wee bit of humour.

i was wrongly hoping for a replica of lotr, but this has a completely different vibe..slightly more toned down, not unlike narnia (but of course much better)

It's nice to see that there's a slight tonal shift, from the looks of this trailer. The Hobbit's story needs some wit, some fantastical elements and some fairytale. I've got a feeling that the stuff taken from the book will follow this tone, but the Appendices-inspired section might feel more like LOTR, serving as the 'proper' prequel to the film trilogy. Still happy with where this is going. In Jackson we trust!

Not sure I like the look of this... as much as I liked Jackson's take on LotR, I think that he may have become a little too enamoured with the CGI tools which served the trilogy so well. The colouring appears far too bright, and there's a stark contrast between the animation and the photography - just look at the difference between the first and second "wide shot" of the trailer. Even simple scene's like the glimpse of the dwarves at Bilbo's door appear jarring, and simply wrong from a lighting perspective. There's a lot to like here: Gollum, Freeman, some of the sets and costume work. I just worry that the film will end up looking like the cartoonish Tarzan scene from Indiana Jones 4, or the entirety of Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the Sith.
I sincerely hope I'm wrong. Though I really dont think the dwarves' prosthetics or the Doctor's "Bunny-Mobile" are helping matters...

I loved this trailer. The images are so sharp at times I had trouble focusing.
I'm glad Jackson seems to have kept part of the light-hearted-ness, whimsical side of the Hobbit. I do think people are hyper-critical of trailers at times. I've seen people complaining about poor cgi & whatnot. I think some forget this trailer was probably put together a month or so ago & the cgi work & colour grading will still be being tweaked. I have total faith in PJ & his team of wizards

Awesome. Though it just occurred to me that a third Hobbit film means it'll be ages before Jackson gets around to the Tintin sequel he was supposed to helm...

Now THIS trailer got me really excited. That orc at the end was pretty weird at first, but it gets better :) Just hope this is a fitting follow-up to the LOTR legend

@ Guy: Trailer scenes never look like the final movie. This stuff is often rushed to get people excited. I'm keeping my hopes up for this one, still not sure about three movies though.

There are some alternate endings on the official site - and they are brilliant. Check them out : )

I think the "orc" in the final moment of the trailer was actually a troll?

You're a troll.

Better than being a see you next tuesday though.

Copyright takedown? dang. Don't you dare share our trailers!!

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