New The Hobbit pictures, plus trailer due this week

News Simon Brew 17 Sep 2012 - 06:03

Sylvester McCoy, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman and more pop up in new pictures from The Hobbit...

Now that the news about The Hobbit being split into three movies rather than two has landed and been dissected, Peter Jackson and his team can ready themselves for the business of launching film one into the world. This December then, the first of three cinematic returns to Middle Earth hits the big screen, with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

It’s been confirmed that a second trailer for The Hobbit will be with us on Wednesday (we don’t know what time yet), but ahead of that, USA Today has released a collection of new snaps from the film, including our first full glimpse of Sylvester McCoy in character.

More on The Hobbit trilogy as we get it, of course. And here are those pictures…

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December can't come soon enough!

Their great, must be honest though, I'm desperate for a photo of Billy Connolly and Stephen Fry.

Is it weird that somehow Gollum looks so...... young?

It does happen quite a few years before LoTR, so it kinda makes sense. But he's not young in any sense of the word.

You know what? I don't really care that there's now 3 movies instead of one or two. In fact, as my excitement grows, I think I'll be happy to see 8-9 hours of Hobbit adventures once again. God how I loved seeing each LoTR installment in the cinema. I can't wait!

Plus, he still has the Ring at this point. In LOTR he's been without it for 50+ years so he's bound to look more haggard by then.

In reply to both you and Chief, I absolutely agree. I'm delighted that instead of just copying the files or data they used for the LOTR Gollum straight into the Hobbot, they've actually considered what he's been through and how he might look slightly different because of the ring. All the more reason I have faith in Jackson!!

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