The Hobbit: third film named and dated

News Simon Brew 1 Sep 2012 - 18:39

Warner Bros has announced when we can expect The Hobbit Part 3, and it's now given the film a name, too.

When it was confirmed a few weeks ago that Peter Jackson was making a third film of J R R Tolkien's The Hobbit, there was quite a muted reaction online. Appreciating that Jackson's Lord Of The Rings films are quite brilliant, the fact remains they were based on three separate books. The Hobbit is a single tome, that's now spawning three movies. That's a much trickier job. If we were to trust anyone with it, though, Jackson would be our man.

While all concerned get on with the job of making the films, then, Warner Bros has announced a formal title for the third movie, and revealed its release date.

The Hobbit Part 3 is now called The Hobbit: There And Back Again, and it will be released on July 18th 2014. That's eight months after the second film, which was previously called There And Back Again. The Hobbit Part 2 now goes by the name of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. That's set for release in December 2013.

The first Hobbit movie is still called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and that's going to be with us this December. Don't be surprised if we get another trailer for it soon...


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Nice titles, but they're probably doomed to be forgotten as everyone refers to the films as "The First One", "Hobbit 2" and "The Last Hobbit".

Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Hobbit$ Part 3 - Shameless Cash Grab

I trust Peter Jackson to deliver the goods onscreen, but he tends to have a blind spot when it comes to excessively lengthy running times (his extended editions, to be specific), and I fear he may be wanting to both have his proverbial cake and to eat it with this whole idea of three 'Hobbit' films.

If they thought two films would suffice until very recently, I don't know why they changed their opinion, if they want to include more of Tolkien's appendices, by all means shoot them, but leave it for an extended edition, where the hardcore faithful can enjoy it 'til their little geek hearts are content... I for one think the shorter, tighter theatrical versions (some cuts notwithstanding) largely remain the better films, and I include the upcoming films in that assessment.

Good to see you've got such an open mind and don't roll through life judging with prejudice or anything...

I've grown more and more comfortable with the idea of three films because of the episodic structure of the original book. No matter how much they fill in the blanks with material from the Appendices, it stands to reason to make Smaug the main focus of an entire movie.

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Do you refer to LOTR as 'the first one', 'the one with the towers' and 'the last one'?

the parts should've been named "There", "And" and "Back again".

Mynock, I feel I didn't express myself quite as eloquently or clearly as I should above; when I stated that I thought the theatrical versions were largely the better films, I meant the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy's theatrical versions not the 'Hobbit' films, which of course aren't even finished yet never mind released... sorry if I wasn't clear about that, my bad.

Yay! More Smaug! I like Smaug as much as I like the actor behind him. It would be fun!

I dont see what the big deal is. We all get to go back to Jackson's Middle Earth 3 MORE TIMES! I have no problem with that AT ALL! Shameless cash grab is it? Not sure Jackson has the chops to bring pull it off? Remember a little trilogy he made called LOTR? Jeez u people are 100% weird. This upcoming trilogy is a thing to be widely celebrated and not moaned about. Vote with ur wallets if ur that concerned. No doubt u will all be gushing how amazing it was after 2014. Jackson will make u eat ur words, just like he did with LOTR.

Anal Streak

Man people complained because there wasn't enough from the LOTR books in the films, so I don't see why it is a problem that they are making 3 hobbit films, if anything this is much better!
Its like he can't win whatever he does, if he makes it too sort and cuts a lot out people will be shitty about it but now hes going to make it longer people are still shitty about it wtf?!?!
Personally I can't wait, the more the merrier =D

I myself am happy for 3 films. More of Middle earth the better.

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