Sam Raimi to oversee The Grudge reboot

News Simon Brew 21 Mar 2014 - 06:50

The Grudge series is being rebooted! Wait, wait... come back!

Since he guided Oz: The Great And Powerful to blockbuster success last year, Sam Raimi has been a little under the radar. He's been linked with projects, but not signed up to one.

However, news now reaches us that Raimi will be overseeing a reboot of The Grudge franchise (the English language variant of it). It looks unlikely that he'll direct, but his Ghost House Pictures is taking on the new film, and Jeff Buhler - of Midnight Meat Train fame - has been hired to pent he script.

The last Grudge movie, The Grudge 3, was released in 2009. When we get news of a director, we'll pass it your way...


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I liked an Grudge 1 a lot. Second and 3rd wasnt that good. Hope remake will be better then last two movies.

UGH, just when you thought the crappy j-horror wave was over, someone has to go and bring it back. And Ghost House Pictures hasn't made a single decent horror movie to date so, y'know, not holding my breath.

So they're remaking a ......... remake? Huh!

Apparently yes. Unless the Japanese one is/was also rebooted, in which case they will be remaking a remake of a remake

.............. oh dear, i've gone cross-eyed.

The Japanese series was never rebooted. This is a reboot of a remake. As simple as that.

*whoosh!* he swings annnnnnd he misses the gag by a mile!

A remake of a remake.

Hollywood is officially out of ideas.

yeah I know I'm supposed to care, it's Sam Raimi, I know I should be thinking this will be awesome...but I can't help but think uh...meh?

Am I allowed to admit I kinda preferred the Grudge remake to the original? Apart from the fact they took out the scene that explained the logic of all the hauntings, which was a strange move.

And all that in less than 10 years time... Not only does it make it near impossible to figure out in which order to watch them, but it also takes a potential audience away from the original. There is so much fresh property out there. They should be able to come up with new films.

Ah the halcyon days when the word reboot just meant turning the computer off and on again, and wasnt suffixed constantly with the words Oh ffs why?

The cool thing about the japanese horror genre is that these films are japanese...

The Japanese 'original' Ju-on was pretty much a remake of a low budget TV movie of the same name, which was preceded by two similarly plotted short stories that are now considered prequels. Ju-on (TV) even got a sequel before the higher budget theatrical version. The US remake is of the third Grudge feature length, or the fifth incarnation if you're being fussy. As both series continued with six Japanese and three US entries, this'll now be the tenth (or twelth) retelling of the same thing. So you're both right. Or wrong, sort of. Hope that clears that up.

Errrrrrrm, I will refer the kind gentleman to the above picture and comment. More confused then ever.

They could do a requel, or a sideboot.

I suggest you don't worry about those things and just enjoy yourself. 
That goes for you all, too ;)

Especially since it was Raimi and Ghost House Pictures who made the remake in the first place...

So basically the same people who produced the last 3 US Grudge films are gonna produce another one? I'm on the edge of my seat...

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