First trailer for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

News Simon Brew 23 May 2012 - 06:38

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, here's the first trailer for Warner Bros' big Christmas movie that isn't The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby...

If you hadn't guessed it beforehand, the new trailer should confirm it: Warner Bros has Oscar hopes for The Great Gatsby. An adaptation of the F Scott Fitzgerald classic, the new film version has been directed by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge), and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton.

It's set for release on Christmas Day in the US, in both 2D and 3D, and the first trailer for the film has been released. If all goes to plan, you should be able to see it beneath these very words...

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I'm a massive fan of a lot of the cast (I will automatically see anything with Carey Mulligan in now), love the book and wasn't one of those that was just staunchly averse to any film version, but to me this looks pretty awful. I still can't believe they got Baz Luhrmann in to direct and this trailer just seems to totally miss the tone of the book. From the glimpses of footage Jordan seems well cast though. Hopefully it'll prove just a bad trailer for a great film.

Ah, nothing conveys 1920s hedonism like a good ol' autotune.

Looks like a great return to to form for Baz and a great cast. Seems to really capture the excitement and spirit of the book. Looking forward to it.

I just can't forgive Toby Maguire for the terribleness that was Spider-Man 3.

When I read "here's the first trailer for Warner Bro's big Christmas movie that isn't The Hobbit", I broke down into relentless tears, hugged my copy of The Hobbit, and whispered "soon, my Precious... my own."

Didn't end up watching the trailer for The Great Gatsby at all. Whoops.

this is obviously screaming to be in 3D, no, REAL 3D.

perhaps the trailer is misleading, but it does seem to grandiose, too much spectacle for sucha human and existential drama.  I realise that the story is set in the gilded jazz age, but it isn't what the story is about.

I like the casting choices, and have loved Luhrmann's past films, but this just seems a poor fit.  in fact just reading, "in 3D" seems to suggest missing the point.

It will certainly be lovely to watch, as all Luhrmann's films are, and the 3D should add to any, ahem, enhanced viewings. I'm still not sold on GATSBY as spectacle, though. It's on my radar, though. We shall see!

reminds me a bit of moulin rouge which in itself is a really good film but why oh why does it have to be in 3d

I like the look of this!
But as part of my personal promise I am going to have to read the book first!

*goes to amazon - downloads to kindle*

(Edit) Damn - left my kindle at home! Now I am actually going to have to do some work today :(

The film looks good to me. A very garish, typically 'Lurhmann' adaptation. I do hope they don't shift focus away from Nick and onto Gatsby, though. The whole point is that Nick is within but outside of this world and we observe it through his eyes. If we see into the more private moments of Gatsby or Daisy, then it might take away from the story. But the decision to make it 3D makes absolutely no sense to me. Unless they sell special glasses shaped like T.J. Eckleburg's...

This looks like it could become something fantastic. My only two criticisms are that it should be in black and white and I wish they got somebody else to play Nick as Tobey Maguire will get out-classed by Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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