Sean Astin on returning for The Goonies 2, story hints

News Simon Brew 11 Jun 2014 - 06:46

What will the focus of The Goonies 2 be, and will Sean Astin and Corey Feldman be returning?

Since director Richard Donner revealed earlier in the year that a sequel was being planned for The Goonies, it's been a case of waiting it out for more details to emerge. Donner revealed that Steven Spielberg had come up with the idea of the project, and also said at first that he hoped that the original cast would look to reprise their roles.

Chatting to E! Online, Sean Astin for a start is very much on board, assuming he gets the call.

"My first thought when Dick said he was doing that was like, ‘alright, maybe this time it's true!' I hope it's true", Astin admitted. "I certainly like the idea of doing it. I don't know if I'd be in it or not. If they really wanted us to be in it, I'm sure there would be some way to work it out".

Astin also confirmed that Corey Feldman would be happy to return as well. "He's fired up! He's ready to go!", he said.

So: will the new film focus on the kids of the original Goonies? "I think that's what they want to do", Astin admitted. "I think they want to focus primarily on the kids. I think the audience may be split on that, so they're trying to figure that out".

More news on The Goonies 2 as we hear it...

E! Online.

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Having a sequel to the Goonies is as stupid an idea as Ghostbusters 3. Just leave the classics alone people!

Corey Feldman is happy to return? I have to say that given his undoubtedly busy work schedule, I'm shocked........!

Some films are just products of their time.

Making sequels to them is not a good idea (financially yes, artistically no).

Proof of this is the trailer I just watched for the Dumb and Dumber sequel. I LOVE the original film, but it was a product of its time when that sort of humour worked. When Jim Carey could do no wrong.

I am sad to say I did not even crack a smile in the trailer :-(

Mixed feelings on this one. I'd love to see a new adventure but I don't want the original to be tarnished if the sequel turns out a dud. For me it's not just about the kids finding the treasure - it was their friendship, their camaraderie, the fact that they just seemed like normal kids, the idea of just taking off and exploring the secrets of your hometown. It really connected with me as a child.

I would hope that they wouldn't pick a bunch of good looking "Hollywood" children and send them on the same adventure, but at the same time it'd be a bit silly to have the original cast to go on a treasure hunt themselves. Although I'd prefer the latter if I'm honest.

Aw come on buddy. I did and I didn't especially like the first film. It was the bit where he blows the dust from his fingers :/

Believe me, I was SO hoping I was going to laugh at the trailer.

But I didn't :-(

In fact, I was actually grossed out by that last scene!

Maybe I'm just too old these days...


I never understood this argument. How does an inferior remake/sequel/reboot diminish the quality of an existing movie? Regardless of whether they make a Goonies sequel or not, the original is still the original. (Unless you're George Lucas)


how does an inferior remake/sequel/reboot diminish the quality of the original?

To be fair your argument is valid, the original doesn't change, but then it becomes a cog in a wheel.
A part of a franchise.

For instance, Police Academy is a good film sullied by the reputation of it's sequels. Nightmare on Elm Street was a great horror film, but it's the franchise as a whole that sits in your memory.

I can see the original cast watching their kids on their cellphones (or mobiles for my UK friends) and asking them if they want to go outside. The kids say no and the adults get together for a campout or something. One of them stumbles across a map and...hilarity ensues.

please don't make a Goonies sequel, the original was a great film, I cannot ever see a sequel being a great film, leave the memories in the past where they belong, this is nearly as sad as when old girl and boy bands try and return to relive past glories, its just sad ..


Someone call the Burn Ward, please...

I must defend "Police Academy 2".

Bobcat Goldwaith made it funny.

Plus the ethnic stereotypes.

Good times, good times.

Ah wonderful, yet more whoring of the 80's.

Considering I was into Super Mario and Ninjas at the time I can't say I noticed Data and the Fratellis too much.

valid point. I won't retract my remarks, but I'll concede that Bobcat Goldthwaith made Police Academy 2 funny.

They diminish the quality when they retcon things from the first film. Case in point: Scream 3.
But other than those rare instances, I agree with you.

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