Richard Donner confirms The Goonies 2 plans

News Simon Brew 7 Apr 2014 - 06:16
Den of Geek loves The Goonies.

Director Richard Donner has revealed that plans are afoot for The Goonies 2...

Director Richard Donner is no stranger to sequels. Nominally the director of Superman II (having helmed the first at the same time, only to ultimately get booted off the second), he's done four Lethal Weapon movies across his career too. But one film that seemed ring-fenced, protected from the risks of sequel-land, was The Goonies.

Turns out, The Goonies 2 is on the way. And Donner himself is very much involved. It joins the likes of Beetlejuice, Top Gun and Ghostbusters in having a (very) belated sequel in the works. We fear that Gremlins 3 may well be getting closer at this rate (the only recent update on that has been one line in an Ain't It Cool News report, so at least for the minute we're safe).

As for The Goonies 2, news of it cropped up in an interview Richard Donner did with TMZ. He was asked if he was tempted to go back for another comic book sequel, "if you call Goonies a comic book, we're doing a sequel". Are any of the stars going to return, he was asked? His answer: "hopefully all of them".

No further details are available yet, and there's a long way to go to get a green light. Obviously Donner's involvement brings with it a degree of assurance. But still: The Goonies 2? It's hard not to feel a little alarmed...


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Hollywood - the land of no new ideas.

Not that I'm opposed to this. I just really wanted to use this image....

"Goonies never say die!"

I kinda got the impression Donner was just saying anything to get rid off TMZ. I mean, you wouldn't break that kind of news casually to them would you?

Can't ever see this happening (suspect this is a belated April fool) but this, with the original cast could if scripted well be brilliant

if done properly it could be done well, Mikey now a historian like his dad is looking after One eyed willys ship. his son then finds his own map and either goes of with his mates. Or perhaps theres a Reunion Camping Trip and Parents and kids get caught up in an adventure. we the older view share the now grown up goonies emotions and views while our kids get to relate to the new bunch. could be nice to bridge the generation gap.

My head says nooo, but van dammit it could be awesome!!!

A sequel will not ruin the original, nor will it taint your memories or destroy your enjoyment of the original Goonies movie.

What it will do is suck balls.
It just sounds like an awful idea.
What, revisit the original kids, all grown up with kids of their own?

Maybe it'll be like the adult timeline in Stephen King's It...

How? Why?

A reunion idea is a great one. Exactly what i was thinking about the children of the Goonies, was thinking they meet at the Pirate Ship, the kids get to explore but uncover a new map leading to another treasure hold... suddenly the kids get involved in an adventure and the parents have to go after them. A real opportunity to make a modern adventure movie that doesn't involve wizards or vampires.

Bad sequels tend to vanish from consciousness.

Still, that doesn't excuse that they're made in the first place.

and hopefully Andie and Brand are married and perhaps Stef and mouth got together, got married but are now divorced. maybe they meet at Sloths Funeral (maybe a cameo from the Fratellies) and then go visit the ship for old times sake. do enjoy a god bit of speculation.

I wonder if Corey Feldman will make an appearance if it happens? Its strange that Sean Astin and Josh Brolin did much better as adult actors, whereas Feldman who seemed to be in the the popular adolescent movies such as Stand By Me and The Lost Boys but by the 90s his career seemed to fizzle out.

Me too! it's far to much to ask that they do something we like. It'll probably be a load of rubbish and destroy our childhood but hey, they'll do it anyway!

Are any of the stars going to return, he was asked? His answer: "hopefully all of them".

he knows John Matuzsak and Anne Ramsay are dead, right?

Can't imagine an adult Brolin in Goonies.... but stranger things have happened I guess.

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