Trailer for intriguing-looking sci-fi movie The Giver

Trailer Simon Brew 5 Jun 2014 - 06:34

Jeff Bridges and Meryl Steep star in The Giver, due in cinemas this summer. Here's the trailer...

There's been no shortage of decent sci-fi movies of late, and come August in the US, there might just be another. The Giver, based on the novel by Lois Lowry, tells of a perfect world where everybody has a specific role. The role of 16-year old Jonas is to receive memory, but then as a consequence of that, he starts discovering what happened in the past to lead to the utopia in which he lives. Things start to go wrong.

Starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep, the movie's being directed by Phillip Noyce, and is set for a US release on August 15th 2014. We can't find it on the UK release lists as of yet, sadly.

Still, here's a trailer for The Giver. Hopefully, this one lives up to its potential...

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Logan's Run, anybody? Minus the cool guns and short skirts (Men & women!)

Cool, but is this a film adaptation of 'A Brave New World'? Other than 'The Giver' it's almost identical!

I like the way the black and white bits come across as a 1950's view of a futuristic utopia.

For the love of [insert something you love], can trailers stop giving away half the damn plot? Did we need to see the family bit? Or the injection skipping? Or (unless I'm much mistaken) exactly who is the villain and who is the mentor? All these things could've been left unseen or ambiguous and still left with an interesting trailer.

Looks good, but darnit that trailer should've been about a minute shorter, I stopped watching it after the revelation about his father, in case I actually want to watch this film at some point in the future.

Isn't this basically the plot to Equilibrium... without the cool fighting?

The Giver is another dystopia book. It was written in the '90s and is required reading most United States' high schools. It is similar in themes to A Brave New World, but the way the story plays out is much different. The trailor did not "give" away too much.

Oh No, not again!

Exactly this! All the trailer has to do is set up the premise and then feel free to stop and let us long for the rest. If that had stopped half way through I'd be utterly sold. Now I feel like I've been force-fed the whole plot.

Logan's Run re-hash.;-)

Yep. ;-)

For a minute there I thought it was a remake of The Guyver, which had Mark Hamill in it!

beat me to it :D

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