Daniel Craig holding up Dragon Tattoo follow-up?

News Simon Brew 1 Feb 2013 - 07:12

Is the price of Daniel Craig holding up The Girl Who Played WIth Fire?

Seemingly stuck in limbo since David Fincher's movie of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was released at Christmas 2011, the Hollywood takes on the rest of Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy appear some way from getting made.

So what's been the hold up? Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the growing star power of Daniel Craig may be one of the problems. A screenplay for The Girl Who Played With Fire is reportedly ready to go, having been penned by Steven Zaillian (who wrote the adaptation for the first film). But Sony is keen to bring the costs down on the second movie, and that may involve dropping Daniel Craig from the saga.

The studio has an option in place for Craig to appear in the next two films as Mikael Blomqvist, but the actor's price is apparently on the up following the global success of the latest James Bond adventure, Skyfall.

The ideal situation for Sony is to lock an affordable deal with Craig, it seems, and then press ahead. David Fincher may yet be lured back to return. If a deal with Craig can't be reached, then the character of Blomqvist is likely to be written out of the second movie, although that's likely to take time, and it's unclear whether Steven Zaillian would have time in his busy schedule to do so.

Basically, there's some working out to do before The Girl Who Played With Fire presses ahead, although Sony seems keen to make the movie. We'll keep you posted...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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So, Sony are trying to jip Craig after Skyfall pulls in a billion dollars?. Good going guys......

Wait... "If a deal with Craig can't be reached, then the character of Blomqvist is likely to be written out of the second movie". Huh? How would that even be possible?

Seconded, what a crazy prospect. Recasting would be bad enough but acceptable, but writing the character out, WTF!!! "The Girl who played with Fire, Lisbeth no mates"

Craig is a box-office draw AS BOND. In anything else, he's box-office poison, so much so that it's a surprise the second movie is being made at all.

Like footballers, some Hollywood actors are paid ridiculous amounts of money for the work they do... The agents have a lot to answer for but the stars themselves could be less greedy when negotiating deals. If the franchise is shelved because Craig couldn't compromise on his fee then that would be a real shame (loved the first film). Also who is to say the success of a film is down to the star? I'd say the writter and director are more responsable for a films success.

Quick... get Adam Sandler in!

I'm not too worried. These things happen a lot. I think Craig will sign on, however if he doesn't then they should re-cast. Marvel have had to do it with Banner and Rhodes and there have been no issues because of it.

"Written out of the movie". What. The. Actual. F*ck. Has anyone at Sony actually bothered to read the full trilogy?

That'd be like making The Two Towers and Return of the King....having just written Frodo out of the plot.......Sony......GET REAL F.F.S........Anyway, I prefered the Swedish version, it seemed more realistic.

The problem is what Den of Geek isn't mentioning in their article: Daniel Craig had already signed up for the two sequels, but Sony wants to negotiate a lower price for him to appear in this film, in the name of lowering the budget.
Even if Daniel Craig wanted a raise to do these sequels, Sony is not obligated to give it to him (and he'd still have to do the film), but if Sony isn't willing to pay the fee that was in his initial contract (which is likely substantially less than what he'd make on a Bond film) why should he have to accept a lower fee to appear in a film Sony doesn't seem that enthusiastic on making?
(Their threat of taking Blomkvist out of the story 100% clearly shows they don't understand what the books are about)

Not saying that actor's don't get paid extreme amounts of money...but this situation is based more around a studio trying to get around paying an actor less than the agreed amount, than it is about an actor asking for more.

Here's an idea: Don't make it at all. We can then forget about the entirely superfluous Hollywood handling of the first one and get on with our lives.

Recasting would be far better, indeed. I was expecting more from Craig than what was delivered. He's a good actor, but I could see many other talented actors easily replace him. I say do it, then move on with making the films.

I didn't realize that the contract was for 3 films and a set salary. Sony should just get on with it then, assuming that Craig is a good enough draw to make the money back. Enough screwing around!

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