The Girl Who Played With Fire still pressing ahead

News Simon Brew
23 Aug 2012 - 07:15

The Girl Who Played With Fire is going to be running late, but it's still very much on the Sony slate...

Last Christmas was a bit of an odd time for Sony to release a film with the tone of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Directed by David Fincher, the American take on the Stieg Larsson’s book was an impressive movie, but inevitably, it suffered at the box office next to lighter alternatives.

That said, it still managed to bring in $232m worldwide at the box office, and will generate a fair whack of cash for Sony in the long term, too. The studio was always insistent as well that it still planned to press ahead with adapting the other two books in Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, and that still seems to be the case.

The latest on the next instalment, The Girl Who Played With Fire, is that Steven Zaillian is working on the screenplay. Zaillian told us in an interview last year that it takes him about a year to put a script together, and he works on one project at a time. Sony is keen to wait until the script is right, too, before it moves The Girl Who Played With Fire into production. That means that the film won’t meet its originally planned 2013 release. You can expect it in 2014 at the earliest.

As for who is set to return, both Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are contracted for the remaining two films. One man who isn’t is director David Fincher. His involvement is a lot more up in the air, although he remains Sony’s top choice for the project. As EW notes, Fincher hasn’t ruled out doing the second movie, but we’d nonetheless be surprised if he did.

More on the project as we get it…


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