Pierce Brosnan agrees to future Expendables sequel

News Simon Brew 28 Mar 2014 - 06:36

Could one-time James Bond, Mr Pierce Brosnan, be heading for The Expendables 4?

It's a fair bet that this summer's The Expendables 3 won't be the last we see of that particular franchise, and it seems that already plans are afoot for at least one further instalment (and we're not talking about the female-led spin-off, The ExpendaBelles).

That's certainly the impression we get from Pierce Brosnan at least, who has revealed that he's been asked about appearing in a future film. Chatting to Shortlist, he said that "the offer has come in for the next Expendables. I just worked over in Bulgaria with Avi Lerner who makes them".

Turns out that Lerner said to Brosnan that "I'd love to have you" in an Expendables movie. Brosnan's response? "Why not? So we'll see... I have no idea which one it would be. I just said yes."

Our guess would be that it'll be The Expendables 4: this is hardly a franchise that messes around once it's got things into place. But we'll keep you posted as we hear more.

The Expendables 3 is released in August. Our (detailed!) look at the Pierce Brosnan's finest movies can be found here.


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I'm giving that one 5 stars FYI.

Now get Clint Eastwood, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Campbell!

I look forward to the spin off where a group of one time friends who were circus acrobats and contortionists, all of whom have now arthritis, are gathered together for one last job. I predict the Ex Bendy Pals will rival the Expendabelles in artistic merit.

We need sean bean to play the bad guy! what a reunion that would be :)

If only they could get a scene together for all Bonds to cameo in, perhaps a boardroom scene or something. Add a bit of witty banter and it would surely go down a storm!?!

Bruce Campbell ftw!

Aye, throw in Willem Dafoe and Rutger Hauer (though just checking on the spelling of his name I see that he's already rumoured for 4)

Home for last orders James. One of the best bond villians of all time.

I'm giving it 5 meow meow beanz...

I'd love an Expendables-like movie with all 6 James Bonds.

that would be the best thing in history

I love every comment on this article. Kudos sirs and ma'ams.

Probable spoiler: Sean Bean ends up dying.

Could he be a clone or cyborg? That dies repeatedly through the film.

You're very sad and pathetic for making fun of people who have aged...Don't worry you'll get there too some day and you'll find out that you're not even half as in shape as those guys and you'll see how funny it is dumb ass!

Frank, before you call someone dumb make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. My post mocks no-one, it doesn't mention age, it doesn't make fun on any actors. It doesn't even make fun of the Expendables.

This is awkward Frank - you've made yourself look a bit silly.

Oh so when you say they all have arthritis that's not called 'making fun' in your dictionary right? lol...grow up dude


(Edited for sanity)

Cushing, you're over defending it. Just leave it. It's not worth it. Your original pun was good...well your original pun was terrible but I still chuckled.

You're right - I am and I shouldn't be. Cheers.

It was an awful pun wasn't it? I was still quite pleased with it.

Also, why do you call Brosnan "one-time" Bond? He made 4 Bond movies...

Two losers defending one another lol...how funny is that!

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