Expendables 3 and Rambo 5 updates

News Simon Brew 11 Feb 2013 - 06:28

Sylvester Stallone is set to be busy, with new Expendables and Rambo movies looking like they're moving ahead...

It's not been a good year thus far for some of the leading lights of The Expendables franchise. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have had new films releases over the past few weeks - The Last Stand and Bullet To The Head - and both have struggled badly at the box office. Bruce Willis should fare better with A Good Day To Die Hard, out this week, but The Expendables may yet turn out to be the franchise that keeps delivering for the trio.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, it looks as if the two year cycle between Expendables movies is set to continue. Nu-Image and Millennium have announced that The Expendables 3 will be shooting this coming summer, with most of the cast back on board. There's been no word on a director yet.

After that, it looks as if Rambo 5 may yet still be on the cards. At the recent Berlin Film Festival, the company apparently had posters out in force for one final Rambo outing. If it is finally happening, then it may become Stallone's priority once The Expendables 3 is in the can.

More news on both projects as we hear it.


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Rambo 4 what glory for for true action movie fans, he never topped that with the still good Expendable movies, It's mostly the dramatic approach, it suit much better this aging action icon flicks.

I liked Rambo 4 a lot but the direction wasn't great, I hope he will hire a real director. I like Stallone as an actor much better. To me, Expandables 2 was much better than the first for example.

I would love to see Rambo 5 as a prequel to make the entire Rambo series come full circle. At the end of Rambo 4, he finally returned home. Rambo 5 we could see how he was recruited by Trautman, his training and perhaps finally see his Baker Company on a couple of missions in Nam! Now that would be a Rambo I would pay to see several times over! However, the casting would have to be excellent! Not sure who?

What a Great comment! Please lets show this to Sly... He will like the Idea!

That would be awesome but Stallone is too old to do a prequel

I was the exact opposite. I loved the direction of Rambo 4 & definitely liked the first Expendables better than the sequel. The first one was more cheesy & made fun of itself at times. The seuqel seemed to take itself far too serious when it's too hard to take any of those guys serious anymore. Then again, it is Simon West. Con-Air was amazing but he hasn't don't anything equally as good since.

Really ? I think Expandables 2 was way funnier and over the top than the 1st one, aknowledging that it was a B movie with many "has been" actors ! Come on, the simple fact that Chuck Norris quoted a Chuck Norris fact is a proof that the movie is almost a spoof of action movie. Add to that Van Damme's character name: "Jean Vilain" come on in which serious action movie would the villain be called Villain ?? I didn't like the direction of Rambo 4 and Expandables because I hate shaky cam.

when i watch expendables 2 i remember Stallone in rocky series..

Rambo 4 the extended cut is the only version of the movie I will watch. It is a much much better movie than the theatrical release.

Nice idea. But no amount of make up or cgi could make stallone a green beret in his 20's

rambo5 should be made with hrtihik roshan as the hero

what the eff!

i hope the do a rambo 5 make it abit like first blood were he comes the hunted again and more traps and action

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