Clint Eastwood comments on joining The Expendables 3

News Glen Chapman
20 Sep 2012 - 06:00

Clint Eastwood on the likelihood of him accepting the offer to join the cast of The Expendables 3.

You may remember some comments from producer Avi Lerner around the time of the release of The Expendables 2, where he outlined his wishlist of new additions to the cast for the third instalment. He revealed that Nic Cage has agreed to take part, and that they would apparently be approaching Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes to appear in The Expendables 3.

Clint Eastwood has a new film to publicise at the moment, Trouble With The Curve, and while he was doing promotional work for that, someone decided to ask him about Lerner's desire to have him appear in The Expendables 3.

“He does?", Clint said, to hearing of Lerner wanting to cast him. "I haven't had the opportunity to see The Expendables yet. I haven't read any of the material.”

He continued by commenting on whether he would consider taking a role in the film: “Probably not. I'm probably more apt to direct something. Maybe I'll direct Expendables 3.”

We would wager a lot of hard cash now that that does not happen...


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