The Expendables 3: new full trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 17 Jun 2014 - 12:53

Helicopters, explosions and one-liners abound in the new full trailer for The Expendables 3. Take a look here...

We know the score by now: The Expendables 3 will offer up a fresh slab of 80s-style action, with the all-star line-up of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham joined this time by the likes of Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Kelsey Grammer.

In Expendables 3, Stallone's team of mercenaries come up against their founder, Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), an evil arms dealer bent on destroying the team he created. As ever, the artillery's heavy and the jokes are cheesy, while the explosions look bigger than ever.

"How hard can it be to kill ten men?" Gibson's villain wonders aloud in the latest trailer. Going by the previous two Expendables films, "damn near impossible" is our best answer.

The Expendables 3 is out in UK cinemas on the 14th August.

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lets all be honest its a guilty pleasure!

I don't feel guilty at all :D
Have a sudden craving for steak and to punch a wall!!

I don't care what people think about these films. They're just fun action films that should be watched and appreciated as nothing more than that.

I love these films! Gibson is well cast as he is an actual nutcase!

....That train scene is ripped right out of Lylat Wars!

Looks great fun, I have no problem with this series- it knows how ridiculous it is and it cares enough to involve the audience in on the joke. Bring it.

This looks TERRIBLE. I'm still going to watch it, of course, and I'm still going to enjoy it. But it does look terrible.

"Cocky little freaks!" Love that game! Loving the trailer for this as well! looks like great fun!

Yes, my favorite game as a kid. Such high hopes for the Wii U installment.

I wonder if this one will have a plot...who am I kidding.

so this is going to be absolutely terrible in that 80's movie cliche way. I'm going to eat it up.

and grunt loudly?

cant wait to see this, looks really fun easy viewing mindless action, gota be watching a film like that now and again, and Rhonda Rousey is seriously kickass and pretty damn hot considering shes an MMA fighter

Wish these films were more like Rambo 4. Ok, maybe not *quite* as 'fireworks-display-in-an-abbatoir' violent, but squibs or no squibs, impact is still impact. You could cgi the blood out of Rambo 4 and it would still be a seriously aggressive and hard-hitting film, whereas these films are way too chirpy and cheesy compared to what they could have been. I loooove me some fun action films, and for sure I'll be watching this with a grin on my face, but when these films were announced I really hoped for something a bit more grounded, gritty and direct.

This looks great, not in a 'guilty pleasure' way, I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing this as soon as it's out!

It looks like the Expendables are breaking Snipes from prison after his tax fraud. I have to say it looks awesome. The first took its self way to seriously with Rourke banging on about suicide and Statham beating up his ex's boyfriend for being a wife beater. The second one was a lot of fun. I hope in the third they give Dolph Lundgren some more comical moments, considering he was emotionless in Rocky 4 he actually handles comedy well. Mel Gibson should have played more villains in his film career, I'm sure he'll be as entertaining as Van Damme.

Anybody, and I do mean anybody, who doesn't love this.... Has bad aids.

Tons o' fun...!

Not that this is saying much, but does it look to anyone else like Antonio Banderas is going to steal every scene he's in?

Banderas to steal it...

Tbh I think that's what his Raid remake is going to be. A gritty serious version of the expendables with younger, cheaper, actors.
Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Ethan Hawke.
Throw in Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch and set it in a tower block and voila, an easy way to waste 50 million dollars.

Hell, I dont even feel guilty !!!

Allegedly... ;-)

I want to like these films because it looks cheesy and there are some great actors in there but in the first one they all seemed to take it so seriously when it should have been a bit more tongue in cheek ala Red.
I'll try the second one at some point and hope its better.

haha fair play boys :)

Mel Gibson appears to be having a lot of fun with his recent roles. As the bad guy in Machete Kills he was clearly having a blast ("I'm a Star Wars fan"). I know he's been controversial off screen, but on screen he's still fun to watch (How I Spent My Summer Vacation felt like a Payback sequel). From this trailer, I'm looking forward to this movie. A shame it isn't more 15 cert in its approach to violence though.

This looks like great fun. This series always felt like they were going for old school 80s/90s action, yet then resorted to too many modern filmmaking laziness in terms of CGI, choppy Bourne-esque editing, and now toning down the violence for a PG-13 cert. It feels like the intention was there, but the execution lacking.
Where are the bloody squibs, the nastier deaths for the main bad guy and his chief henchman, a flash of boob, the bad language quoted on the playgrounds for months to come, etc
(This coming from someone who grew up in the 80s and early 90s with Beverly Hills Cop, Terminator 2, True Lies, Demolition Man, Under Siege, Lethal Weapon 3, etc).
Still, despite the grumble that they aint as good as we'd hoped, the trailer has sold it for me to at least be a fun movie with some of my fave action stars.
And am I the only one thinking Bruce Willis will still turn up in this film as a cameo somewhere as a surprise to the fans, and that all the press around his departure from the series was just misdirection for a plot twist. (I probably am).

as a fellow denofgeek member...i would recommend you avoid the second (which was worst than the first) and try the third which looks much better than both the first and second:-)

Transformers is a guilty pleasure! And it also has Kelsey Grammer!

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