Stallone denies Nicolas Cage is signed to The Expendables 3

News Simon Brew
7 Nov 2012 - 07:09

Nicolas Cage hasn't agreed to appear in The Expendables 3. At least, not yet...

Ah. Earlier in the week, the news broke that Sylvester Stallone had confirmed the involvement of Nicolas Cage in The Expendables 3. The source of this was a Facebook post, apparently written by Stallone himself, which revealed that Cage was on board the now-confirmed third Expendables movie. Turns out, though, that it wasn’t true.

The Facebook page is apparently not official, and Stallone has now stated that he “has no knowledge of Nic Cage joining Expendables 3”. And you’d imagine that had Cage signed up, Stallone would indeed know about it.

Cage’s name is still circling the project, and has appeared on a wishlist for it before. Expect casting to begin in earnest for The Expendables 3 next year. There is a script to write first, after all…


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