Old style poster for The Expendables 2

Poster Simon Brew 10 Jul 2012 - 06:31

Fancy a poster for The Expendables 2 that might just remind you of the 80s a little? Step this way...

Well, they don't usually make them like this any more. The latest poster for The Expendables 2, much like the cast itself on the whole, wouldn't look particularly out of place outside the fleapits of the 1980s. What's more, there's basically a lot of people firing a lot of guns, with some fire as well. We like to think you read this site so that we can give you such deep insights into these things.

The film, incidentally, is just over a month away now. Once the small matter of The Dark Knight Rises is out of the way, we might just have a few things to say about it...

Here's the poster.


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Lets hope its more fun than the first one!

Teal and orange much?

Does Stallone have a hitler 'tache and a soul patch? Did he have that in the original? And what's the Stath doing with that huge gun when his speciality is throwing knives? Still, looks epic.

there is something sad about these online posters having creases digitally added as though they existed as real posters and had come folded in a magazine.

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