Director found for The ExpendaBelles

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2014 - 07:14

The female-centric take on The Expendables has landed a director. Plus: first plot details.

With a bit of luck, the title of the female-slanted Expendables equivalent will change by the time the film comes to release. The idea of an action movie headlined by woman doing lots of damage is welcome, but calling it The ExpendaBelles? Yikes.

Anyway, there's been some progress on the film. It's been revealed that Robert Luketic has been hired to direct the movie. He's had a varied career to date. Our favourite of his films are 21 and Legally Blonde. His latest, Paranoia, is heading straight to DVD in the UK next month.

Oh, there's an outline plot too. It reads...

"When America’s Navy SEALs are wiped out trying to penetrate the island lair of a deadly despot who has captured one of the world’s top nuclear scientists, it becomes clear that there is no such thing as the right man for the job and that this is a mission so impossible that only women can handle it. The only way in: some of the world’s deadliest female operatives must pose as high-class call-girls shipped in by private plane to satisfy a dictator–and instead save the scientist and the day"

Yep: the only way you can get an all-female action movie is to make them call girls. Bet you a fiver that the action heroes of The Expendables 4 won't be rent boys.

There's no timescale that we know of, but with Expendables movies arriving every two years - with another this summer - we wouldn't rule out the summer of 2015. More as we hear it.

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action movie? what kind of "action" are we talking abt?

I was laughing at the rent boys comment. It could be a good story for Expendables 3. "Mel Gibson's gay tyrant lives on a fortified island lair where no soldier can penetrate so its up to are favourite team to go in as rent boys to seduce the tyrant. Cue Stallone being tight in leather straps and being whipped on the buttocks and Schwarzenegger receiving oiled massages. It's the Expendables most sexual encounter yet."

With two movies in production it's really confusing. I thought this was a spoof with nothing to do with the Expendables franchise, but is apparently linked to Barney Ross. And the one being made by Dredd's producer starring Gina Carano and Katee Sackhoff is the separate one, with a serious action thriller plot?

The tagline could be: Only a man could do this job but not in the way you think.

I think I already saw the VHS of this on the "top shelf" about 20 years ago.

Oh God. It's like...the theory sounds good, you want it to happen, and then the more you hear about it the more your heart sinks.

This sounds amazing. And by amazing I mean my desk is covered in blood that used to be in my head.

Is it just me or does this movie sound like a cheap porn flick?

I put money on them "needing to" wear latex or lycra for the mission. Would rather see someone like Kathryn Bigalow tackle a film like this.

This sounds like the 'Chicks with Guns' show that Sam Jackson is watching in the opening of Jackie Brown.

ExpendaBelles.........ExpendaBelles .................... /facepalm

This. Jesus Christ, this. I don't get why it is so difficult to write women as people who do things that bepenised people also do. Look up the WWII Night Witches. That's how you do ExpendaBelles.

WTF "a mission so impossible that only women can handle it" why they have to say that for. They could just say an elite team consisting of women take the job or something. It all most sounds like a shot at women for being weaker as they couldnt possibly do the same job as the men.
although I might be reading too much into it

Zoe bell or no deal

It's kind of like "Batman vs. Superman." I guess it's okay as a placeholder working title, but if they actually go ahead and title the movie "ExpendaBelles" that would be ridiculously stupid.

Kathryn Bigelow directing an action film would be awesome.

That said, I'm almost certain that this premise is beneath her. It's beneath most of us.

Same here, hey actually they should Demi Moore, who cameoed in the Chicks with Guns video, to be Expendabelles

I actually like the title, it has some WW2-era irony to it (like Inglourious Basterds). The synopsis, on the other hand, is a little more sexist than it maybe thinks it is...

Well they've put some thought into this one. Hooters with shooters? Yeah, that'll do it!

Point Break?

Wait, is the 'ExpendaBelles' thing a joke or not? I mean, it's obviously a joke, right?!



Who would star in it..? Should be all actresses who have played tough action roles... Maybe - Lucy Lui, Mila Jovovich, Demi Moore, Cynthia Rothrok, Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Kate Beckinsale... Lucy Lawless..? :) Sarah Michelle Gellar..? :D

It pleases me that so many folk on here are concerned about the sexist and misogynistic facets of this, rather than lasciviously welcoming the idea. This is a good thing!

people really get paid to write this garbage?? could they not have just put a couple of female characters in expendables 3 and given them a goddam story?

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