The Evil Dead remake confirmed

News Simon Brew
14 Jul 2011 - 06:48

It’s official: The Evil Dead is being remade. Does this end any hopes of Sam Raimi doing Evil Dead 4, though?

The rumour mill had been occupied over the past few days by chatter that a further Evil Dead movie was finally spluttering into life. Our initial hopes were that this would be the long-mooted Evil Dead 4, under the stewardship of Sam Raimi. As it turns out, though, it's going to be a remake of the original film.

This has now been officially confirmed, and the new version of The Evil Dead will be produced by Raimi, along with Rob Tapert and the peerless Bruce Campbell.

Attached to write and direct the film is Fede Alvarez. He's been working with fellow scribe, Rodo Sayagues, on the screenplay, which is getting a polish from Juno writer, Diablo Cody.

This, we'd wager, might just put pay to the idea of a full-on Evil Dead 4, as, if the remake of The Evil Dead pays off, then further sequels to it will follow on its own parallel franchise line.

There's no word on when we can expect the new The Evil Dead, but 2012 is a good bet.

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