The Equalizer: new international trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 27 May 2014 - 06:51

Denzel Washington stars in the forthcoming big-screen reboot of The Equalizer. Here's a new trailer...

The last film from director Antoine Fuqua was the bombastic action flick Olympus Has Fallen, in which Gerard Butler saved America from Whitehouse-wrecking terrorists. There's a hint of the same 80s throwback crunchiness to Fuqua's The Equalizer, too - appropriate, given that it's based on the CBS TV show from that very period.

This time, however, it's Denzel Washington in the role of McCall, a retired special operations agent who helps people in distress. But where Edward Woodward's McCall was restrained and quietly commanding, Washington's hero is tough, fast of reflex and possessed with the uncanny ability to take a man's eye out with a shot glass.

In Fuqua's film, these skills come in handy when he attempts to save a young innocent (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) from a gang of Russian gangsters. As you can see from the latest trailer below, much carnage ensues.

The Equalizer is out  on the 26th September in UK cinemas.

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Denzil always brings gravitas to his movies, looking forward to yet another one.

About as far removed from its namesake as you can get. Why did they even bother buying the rights?

If this doesn't feature the original TV show theme music then its been a waste of time and money.

That does actually look pretty good, though hes a bit more agile then Edward Woodward

The shot glass scene reminded me of the soup cup scene in Riddick.

Will ignore the fact its a 'Reboot' or 'Remake' or whatever you want to call it and just watch it as a stand alone Denzel Film. It will likely still be amazing.

Should have been Michael Caine. The End.

Agreed. Equalizer is meant to be an elderly English gentleman living in America. Without those things it's just another generic revenge movie.

That would be a tea cup *adjusts tie*

So its Taken 2 then? :)

All this reminds me of the joke "what do you get if you take the D;s out of Edward Woodward"

So, it's like a duller version of Man on Fire, with Russian mafia instead of Mexicans?

The Equalizer is a detective. A man who solves problems, and mostly by dealing with all sorts of shady old contacts and getting information to do so, and rarely used violence.

There's no reason that Denzel can't play that part, but this is just another jumping through the air with 2 guns shouting "arrrggghhh" film. So why bother using the name for it?

Wasn't there an Arnie-movie with the same titel and story?

It's called "Eraser", but yeah, a very similar premise.

Oh, right. That's probably why nobody mentioned the Austrian Oak. ^^

Looks like Man On Fire 2

12A,say it aint so...


Not sure about this one, judging by the trailer it looks nothing like the original more like Taken.

Where's the theme tune? Edward Woodward will be turning in his grave. F**k you, Fuqua.

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