Nicolas Winding Refn set for The Equalizer movie?

News Simon Brew 10 Dec 2012 - 06:41
The Equalizer

Denzel Washington is set to star in The Equalizer movie. It looks as if Drive's Nicolas Winding Refn might direct...

It's been a few months now since news broke of a big screen take on the 1980s TV show, The Equalizer. Since then, Denzel Washington has become attached to the film to star, and a screenplay has been put together by Richard Wenk. All that was seemingly needed was a director to get the film out of the gates.

That director, as it turns out, may well be Nicolas Winding Refn. Winding Refn is, according to Variety, in receipt of an offer to direct The Equalizer. Negotiations are expected to begin shortly.

Winding Refn, who helmed the wonderful Drive of course, is currently finishing off his new project, the thriller Only God Forgives. We'll let you know if and when he's confirmed for The Equalizer.


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Denzel Washington? dear god.

There is only one man who can do this role justice and his name is Michael Caine.

Could Denzel switch gears and do something like a slapstick comedy?

I guess Will Smith was busy.

Driver won the silver eagle for most pretentious movie of the las decade. This guy does some decent crime dramas, like specially Pusher II but i think he is getting ridiculously overrated as a director, Driven is nothing more than a Jason Statham vehicle with 3 to 6 seconds pause between dialog.

Drive dirven driver, whatever.

Yes, yes and again yes

Not fussed about the Equalizer but if we're revisiting Edward Woodward, how about Callan. I'd pay good money to see a bloated angry Russell Crowe working out of the modern equivalent of a junk yard as a paid sociopath one step away from being snuffed himself.

Just saying.

Or Jason Statham as Shaft........ Perhaps. :)

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