Warner Bros passes on The Dark Tower

News Simon Brew 21 Aug 2012 - 07:05

As a second major studio declines to back the films and TV show of The Dark Tower, might the project be running out of lives?

Few major projects of recent times have sounded quite so ambitious as the plans to bring Stephen King's The Dark Tower to the screen. Developed in conjunction with Universal for a while, the idea is for a trilogy of movies, and then a tie-in television show, all of which would share the same cast. That's something never attempted before, and sadly, the chances are it might never happen at all.

Universal eventually walked away from The Dark Tower last year, in spite of the involvement of Ron Howard (who was set to direct at least the first movie). However, it was always clear that another studio could take on the project if it wanted, and as such, The Dark Tower ended up at the door of Warner Bros.

Sadly, Variety now reports that Warner Bros too has elected not to back The Dark Tower, and it's hard now to think of too many studios who would. Warner Bros is the one that perhaps seemed most likely to back such a major project, but now that it has a trio of Hobbit movies to work with, perhaps that, and the cost of making The Dark Tower, led to its decision. A TV show and three films is hardly a small commitment, to be fair to it.

The project isn't dead as it stands, but it needs another studio, or cash-rich production company, to come in and invest if there's any chance of keeping it going. Right now, in its current form at least, it's not looking too positive.


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Two words for this whole idea:


How come Stephen King himself doesn't chuck money at it he has a buck or two?

Step forward, Peter Jackson, your time is now...!

How about a partnership between someone like Lionsgate and HBO?

The big studios are never going to take the risk. You need a company or companies with a bit more imagination in the boardroom, who understand that numbers don't tell the whole story and some things are just worth doing and will find their audience once they're made.

I don't think it's the type of project that would ever be on a par with the Dark Knight or LOTR in terms of Box Office but it is very much the kind of thing that will have a longer shelf life than most movies if it is ever completed as a whole.

It's too big a story to be a) confined to the time constraints of a film and b) confined to the budget constraints of a TV series.

HBO sounds like a good shot. Hollywood would only do it if it starred a bunch of teenagers, and was a 300 page book they could split into 5 movies.

You aren't "the" Ben Heck are you? If so.... *bows*

HBO could take it on easily. Dark Tower is no more unfilmable than Game of Thrones.

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