Heath Ledger in new behind the scenes The Dark Knight image

News Simon Brew 11 Jul 2013 - 07:15
The Joker

Previously unseen shots of Heath Ledger and Christian Bale, preparing for work on The Dark Knight...

We rewatched The Dark Knight just the other week, and Heath Ledger's magnetic performance as The Joker is continuing to impress and even strengthen as time goes on. The actor posthumously won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in the movie, and it's such an immense tragedy that he never got to see the appreciation for his work in it.

Over at Vanitatis, the site there has revealed some previously unseen behind the scenes photos from the production of The Dark Knight. They've appeared as part and parcel of a piece that the website has done on Justo Dieguez, who taught the Keysi fighting method to the likes of Liam Neeson and Ledger himself.

Here, then, are the shots of Dieguez with both Heath Ledger and Christian Bale. Ledger remains a man whose talent is very firmly missed.


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This is a very very minor complaint, but I really wish they would have stuck with the Batman Begins bat suit; or at least have broken it out one last time in The Dark Knight Rises.

That's quite alright! I would agree with you!

But then I didn't like 2&3 and especially didn't like Ledger's Joker so you're way down on the complain roster!

There's something very Dr Seuss about Ledgers pose there...

lol you seem to be in the minority! I am a batman comic book fan and heath nailed a certain perosna of the Joker.
The problem is the joker is many things and many personas without really being schizophrenic so its impossible to get the full joker in any one story whether it be comic or movie.
He is portrayed as the Lord of Chaos by ledger which is the angle they were going for - its also a nick name he has.
Nicholson was the ganagster back ground he has.
which also explains why in TDK he changed his background story alot as he has had so many, one including having a wife which is mentioned in TDK.
I appreciate you didnt like it, but I for one loved it

I am definitely in the minority! :P
I've got a few of the Batman comics and graphic novels strewn about my flat - and I love them! And I'm not saying the films were awful either. They feel very much like Die Hard to me, except McLean is dressed as a bat. It's way too realistic for my liking. Mr Ledgers Joker doesn't seem to see the funny side in anything - lacks a lot of Mirth.

Having said that I absolutely loved Batman Begins and will watch it over and over again! (I also love the recent PC games with Mr Hamill as Joker (That is my favourite incarnation of the Joker!)).

he was on the mark for me, I was gutted at they didnt go for the "kill the bad guy at the end of the film" option that buggers up filma like spiderman.

That first image is scarier than his entire performance

You have to admit that his performance shat all over Jack Nicholson's though.

I guess i'm going to be that guy when I say that the first photo was on Tumblr a couple of years back..

And to think when Ledger was initially cast, fanboys demanded Nolans head on a stick

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