The Crow's creator joins movie reboot

News Simon Brew 3 Jul 2013 - 15:54

James O'Barr has joined the big screen reboot of The Crow, as a consutant...

The long in gestation reboot of The Crow has been gradually edging forward, and it seems some real progress has been made of late. Luke Evans is now formally on board in the lead role, with F Javier Gutierrez set to direct the new movie. The plan is for formal production to start in early 2014.

Now we learn that James O'Barr, who created the original graphic novel of The Crow, has been hired. He's on board the project as a consultant on the movie, just in time for Comic-Con, where he's expected to talk about the film with fans. Timely, that.

How deep O'Barr's involvement will be remains to be seen. Being a consultant is far removed from writing or directing the movie, and the hope will be that it turns out to be more than just a ceremonial appointment. Time will tell.

More on The Crow reboot as we hear it.


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How does one "consult" on a adaption like this? Looking at the comic book pages should be good enough to see what O'Barr's original vision was.

Ah it's probably just about how he's being given his money.

I imagine the same way the Tolkien society contributed to the Lord of the Rings. Having the creator (or students) of a thing advise on the film version of it will usually be a good thing.

I'm shocked. James has been on record as to how he felt after the completely avoidable tragic event that took Brandon Lee's life. If he were hired on to write the screenplay, I might understand. He would be making the film that both he and Brandon wanted to make. A film true to its source material, a genuine adaptation. But consultant? This film would have to be made because James wanted to make it, almost as a matter of unfinished business. But everyone knows that this film is being made because some "suits" smell money. If it's still Ed Pressman's company and people behind this, shame on James. Their greed and avarice, their desire to make as huge a profit as possible while making the film on the cheap set the stage for what befell Brandon. Pressman and his people have blood on their hands. I don't understand this. I'd like to give James the benefit of the doubt, but if Pressman is still involved (God, I hope not), and James is just a token brought onboard to validate this, the whole thing makes for a detestable scenario.

Leave this movie alone already. Let it stand as a homage to the great work of Brandon Lee. Any reboot would be an insult to his memory, IMO.

what about the creator ?? he has the right to see HIS work visualised as HE intended on the big screen.

granted i was intially against the idea, but now the creator is involved i've swung the other way and all for it.
and why is it an insult to his memory?? its not like they have said BL work wasnt good enough we are rebooting. Take James Bond for instance he os re cast, granted the story is different each time but reboots arnt always worse than the orginal, granted most are.
The crow world has so much scope to lead off in a good direction which unfortunately BL never got to do.
but at the end of the day its all opinions i guess.

Alot was cut from the original film, alot was unfinished. The Crow is my all time favourite film and alot of this is down to Brandons performance, but I do think the film deserves a "reboot" as long as they tell the story as it was intended. I would recommend anyone watch the deleted scenes from the original to get an idea of how the film would have turned out.

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