Luke Evans set to star in The Crow reboot

News Glen Chapman 5 May 2013 - 23:37
Brandon Lee in The Crow

It's not Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy or Mark Wahlberg. The new Crow? That'd be Luke Evans...

There have been a number of interesting names linked to the remake of The Crow in recent times, with actors linked such as Mark Wahlberg, James McAvoy and most recently Tom Hiddleston, who reportedly was so keen on the role that he took it upon himself to send in a make up test also. It would now appear that Hiddleston's reported efforts didn't pay off however, as it's being widely reported that Luke Evans is expected to sign as the leading man and take on the role of Eric Draven/The Crow.

Evans will next be seen as the villain in Fast & Furious 6 and was recently hired by Universal to play Dracula in its origins story, previously titled Dracula Year Zero. It is said that Evans was the original choice for the role all along and the reason others were linked is that he was too busy. It would seem as though he's managed to find time in his busy schedule for the role.

The remake is being directed by F. Javier Gutierrez (Before The Fall) from a script by Cliff Dorfman (Warrior) and is expected to go into production at the start of next year.

More news on the remake of The Crow when it's available.


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LOL, misread the title as Lee Evans set to star in the Crow. That would certainly be a noteworthy piece of casting!

No respect for ANY actor who takes this role. Brandon Lee died making this film. Leave it be. Remake something else. Make a (good) sequel. Leave it.

Eddie Izzard as Top Dollar, Sarah Millican as his sister? Bill Bailey as the voice of the Crow ?

Hiddleston or McAvoy might have been interesting but Luke has an unimpressive CV. Still I am kind of glad that the Hiddleston and McAvoy are out of the loop because now I have no reason to watch it

I do like Luke Evans from what I have seen of him. He plays gods very well as he played Zues in The Immortals and Apollo in Clash of the Titans. His CV, as you say, isn't as impressive as McAvoy or Hiddleston but everyone just needs shot to show what they can do and he might prove to be an interesting choice.

I was luke warm about the original Crow and am not a huge fan of remakes so am unlikely to watch it forth time around unless it has an actor in it who who's performance I am interested in seeing. There is not a film on his CV I would watch apart from the Hobbit and that's a wait and see and on top of which he is a bit of a McAvoy look a like. To be honest this whole project with all its director/script/actor changes does not really inspire me at all but as I said with the right actor who's talent I admire it might have done

Please, can you put pics of newly announced cast members in these type of articles. Is that too much to ask?

So Luke Evans starred in The Raven and now he's doing the Crow... Guess he's not concerned about being typecast ;)

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