James McAvoy linked to the reboot of The Crow

News Glen Chapman
26 Feb 2013 - 06:17
X-Men: First Class.

There's a new man in the frame for the reboot of The Crow. And that man is James McAvoy...

On paper, a cinematic reboot of The Crow is hardly the kind of project to get people over-excited. Personally though, I look at it the same way as I do the RoboCop reboot: sure, the original is great and it doesn’t necessarily need rebooting, but it’s hard to argue that a new reboot is going to ruin the original any more than the number of shoddy sequels that have been released since.

It's been some time since The Crow reboot was last discussed, and at one point, Mark Wahlberg was being mentioned as a potential lead. However, nothing seemed to come of that. Now though, there's a new name in the frame to take on the role of Eric Draven (so far most memorably brought to the screen by Brandon Lee), and that person is the mighty James McAvoy.

McAvoy is obviously a very different actor to those who have played and have been linked to the role previously, but that doesn't make him any less of a fit. He’s a damn fine actor and one who has shown he can portray complex and damaged characters with edge.

F Javier Gutierrez (Before The Fall) is linked to direct and Jesse Wigutow (It Runs In The Family) has penned the script, based on James O’Barr’s comic. More news on the reboot of The Crow when we get it.

Bloody Disgusting.

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