Warner Bros confirms The Conjuring 2, Conjuring spin-off

News Simon Brew
26 Feb 2014 - 06:55

Two new films set around The Conjuring are due in the next 18 months, Warner Bros confirms...

It seems the current rule of horror is that if you've had a big hit movie, don't just be satisfied with a sequel, investigate the spin-off movie too. That's just what Warner Bros has done, and it's now confirmed release dates both for The Conjuring 2, and its spin-off from the first film, once known as Annabelle.

Annabelle won't, it turns out, be the film's actual name. But the studio will be making its mind up fairly soon about it: it's scheduled an October 3rd 2014 release for the currently untitled spin-off. The full sequel to The Conjuring, meanwhile, won't be arriving until 2015. Specificially, October 23rd 2015.

It's unclear as of yet as to whether James Wan will be returning to direct The Conjuring 2 - he's still currently working on Fast & Furious 7 - but when we have further news, we'll let you know.

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