Fourth Narnia film presses ahead, writer hired

News Simon Brew 6 Dec 2013 - 07:24

The Silver Chair is to be adapted for the screen by Life Of Pi screenwriter David Magee...

Even though the past two films haven't touched the box office performance of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, they've each done sufficient business to just about get the movie after into production. And that appears to be the case again, with movement now on a fourth Narnia film. The Silver Chair.

There have been some changes behind the scenes this time, though, with Walden Media - who has backed the three films to date financially - pulling out. But the money for the next film has apparently been fond, and now David Magee has been hired to pen the screenplay.

As he admits himself, Magee is a Narnia fan, and he'll be putting the script together, having previously written the screenplay for Life Of Pi.

There's no firm schedule that we know of for The Silver Chair yet, but 2016 seems a likely target to us. We'll keep you posted.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Damn, they're still making these? I was still reading the books when they made the first one, eight years ago!

The Silver Chair is maybe the most interesting of the books, for its concepts and tone think this could be really interesting.

I really hope they manage to stick with the same actors... well, for Eustace anyway, as he's the only one that should be roughly the same age as in Dawn Treader. I thought he was fantastic!

They're going to have to recast the Pevensies at some point. Fortunately "The Silver Chair" doesn't really revolve around the Pevensies, so they can kick that decision down the road.

One of the weirdest little film franchises going. Each time it looks like that'll be it and it goes dead quiet for a couple years, then each time it pops up again. That's what it feels like anyway, as opposed to the conveyor system of something like the Potter or Rings films.

Definitely. This actually freaked me out as a kid. I'd love to see it retold with today's film production standards.

Well they'd only need the Pevensies again in The Last Battle... and they could fairly easily just say that it occurs a bit later in Earth time than in the book, so they're a bit older. I really hope they do The Last Battle at some point, just so we get to see Puzzle the donkey!

Woo-hoo! Shame they've left it so long they'll have to re-cast, and no one will match Tom Baker as Puddleglum, but still, I'm excited! :)

After the Perry Moore, the Producer and director who helped bring The Chronicles of Narnia movies to the big screen, sadly died in early 2011 aged 39 I had wondered if the drive and passion to continue with these movies (the last was 2010) had diminished.

There were also reports that Walden Media's exclusive rights contract with the CS Lewis estate expired in late 2011 and after Walden teamed up with Disney and then Fox to make these any studio can now negotiate to make them which perhaps explains Walden's exit.

My post above perhaps explains

I think Will Poulter has aged a little too much to reprise the role, especially since I can't see this being ready to roll for another year or so. He's over 6 foot tall these days (c.f "We're the Millers") so it would look a little strange to see him hobnobbing with marshwiggles.

SPOILERS for The Last Battle: I'm looking forward to Susan being kicked out of Narnia cos she wears nylons and lipstick.

I really enjoy the Silver Chair, I have high hopes for this! Nothing tops the BBC adaptations, though, still love the giant witch snake with gushing blue blood.

I thought they were to take The Magician's Nephew for the next film? Anyway The Silver Chair is OK too.

If I remember correctly, don't the Pevensies also appear in The Horse and His Boy? Although, that is set during their reign in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Speaking of which, that's another film with a cast they'll need to retain for The Last Battle.

You are correct... but they've been in Narnia for a fair few years when Horse takes place, so they can get away with them being older in that too, if they ever make a film of it!

I just want a complete series. I just want to WATCH The Last Battle.

I recommend reading "The Problem of Susan" by Neil Gaiman in his "Fragile Things" collection. It resolves the Susan storyline fantastically, and is a brilliant (and adult) epilogue to the series.

Never gonna happen

I've always found something a bit clincal about the Narnia films, as if all those involved are so worried about getting it right at the expense of actually telling the story. Very much doubt that Susan won't be included in The Last Battle or at the very least, will not be included for different reasons.

Neil Gaiman is a brilliant man, but 'Susan's Choice' was STUCK in my brain for days. Very, very disturbing read, but an intresting commentary on the Narnia series all the same :)

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