The Captive: new trailer, starring Ryan Reynolds

Trailer Ryan Lambie 11 Jul 2014 - 08:13

Ryan Reynolds and Mirielle Enos star in the forthcoming thriller The Captive, directed by Atom Egoyan. A new trailer's here...

Atom Egoyan's the Canadian director behind such acclaimed films as The Sweet Hereafter and Where The Truth Lies, while his most recent feature was last year's crime thriller, Devil's Knot.

The Captive is another thriller, this one starring Ryan Reynolds and Mirieille Enos as a husband and wife whose daughter vanishes, only to suddenly reappear again eight years later. Then the parents discover that they've been spied on the whole time. What's that all about?

The intriguing premise is joined by a great supporting cast, including Rosario Dawson, Bruce Greenwood and the great Kevin Durand. Early reviews from Cannes weren't glowing, but the frosty, paranoid atmosphere in the trailer (below) still leaves us wanting to know what happens next.

The Captive doesn't have a firm release date yet, but when we get one, we'll pass it along.


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Looks interesting.

Reynolds has a beard. I predict one of his better efforts then. Anything where he is clean shaven is rubbish (except Buried, but he has stubble in that).

And the Creepiest Trailer Of The Year award goes to...

Doesn't have a firm release date? What's September 5th then?

THAT'S Kevin Durand!?!?!?! Dude has lost weight!

Sigh, why oh why do I watch these trailers - there should be a warning at the start advising that the trailer will give most of the story away.

This didn't do so well at Cannes. Not well at all.

I seem to remember he had a beard in Blade: Trinity, and that film was rubbish...

When you're right you're right, I'd forgot he was in it....which says it all really!

however his performance was good :)

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