New trailer for The Boxtrolls

Trailer Simon Brew
6 Mar 2014 - 07:14

The animated film to beat in 2014? Quite possibly. Here's the new trailer for Laika's The Boxtrolls...

We've said it before and we suspect we might just say it again: we're rather sizeable fans of Laika. That's the firm behind ParaNorman, and the quite brilliant animated movie of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. And later this year, Laika will unveiling its next feature: The Boxtrolls.

Heading into cinemas in September, the movie utilises stop motion techniques, and retains the hand-crafted style that has been embedded through Laika's movies to date. Based on the book Here Be Monsters, by Alan Snow, this new trailer keeps plot to a minimum, and instead invites you to spend a bit of time with the Boxtrolls themselves, in their home beneath the streets of Cheesebridge.

The Boxtrolls is released in cinemas in September. Here's the trailer...

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