New trailer for The Bourne Legacy

News Simon Brew 31 May 2012 - 22:44

Jeremy Renner takes centre stage, in the new trailer for The Bourne Legacy...

Universal is wisely saving its last blockbuster of the season until August, where a few years back,  The Bourne Ultimatum had the space to win a sizeable box office take. It’s repeating the trick with its Jason Bourne-less The Bourne Legacy, although the new trailer plays up the links to the franchise heavily. That’s very wise, too.

This time, Jeremy Renner stars, with Rachel Weisz and Ed Norton joining the cast, too. The likes of Joan Allen and Albert Finney return, and the trailer also throws in a picture of Matt Damon, too. Just so you know we’re dealing with the same franchise.

It looks quite good, this, and it’s due for release the first week of August. Take a look at the new trailer right here…

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This actually looks pretty good.

Not a 100% on this, I like Mr Renner, but from the trailer they are going OTT, the whole thing about the  Bourne film was yes they was a little over the top, but Jason Bourne got the crap kicked out of him he kept going and blending in, now they got 2 peeps on a motor bike sliding down a stair rail whilst talking about genetically modified humans...... I hope it is not as OTT as this trailer makes it look!! 


Hmmm... Not so sure about this one. Its predecessors, although very spectacular, seemed somewhat more grounded and gritty. This looks just a little OTT. But I'm more interested in it than I was before I watched the trailer, so I guess the marketing department has done something right...

This is looking really good. Another film where I had my doubts originally but if the trailer is anything to go by it could be better than The Bourne Ultimatum

i wonder if Damon got a credit for having his image used?

Honestly it should be good cause gilroy is the guy who wrote the other bourne movies. The only question is if audiences will want to take this journey with another actor.

I think curiosity will be a friendly ally. And the story will be decent leading to word of mouth and a few more bucks on blue ray.

bo prediction...

270 mill internationally

140 mill domestic


Must be getting jaded or something, but the whole Bourne thing was a massive snore-fest for me. I mean, the whole betrayal-of-a-hyper-trained-assassain storyline has been done to death.

Every movie: New stunts. Same story.

I'm beginning to think that there is a law against having an original thought in hollywood (which is true of every other bastion of group-think in the world)

But I understand the casting change. Matt Damon has made himself  a huge cinematic liability. So here's hoping Renner proves smarter than Damon when his turn at promotion comes around.

Prometheus trailer was possibly the best I've ever seen.... just saying... 

Oh and also, didn't the end of the trailer remind anyone of resident evil 4 when you had to look after bloody ashley, seems half the film is him looking after Wietz

Yeah, this whole Bourne Redundancy thing is getting a bit worn out. Sure we'll get plenty of shakey camera fight scenes and all but...

Actually looks quite good, better than I was expecting and I am pleased they are referencing the previous movie/characters and not just ignoring them.

However WHY do they have to include so much of the story in the trailer - I now know virtually everything that will happen!!

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