Michael Bay producing remake of The Birds

News Simon Brew 13 Mar 2014 - 12:10

It's definite: Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is remaking Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds...

This one's direct in from our 'you can't make this shit up department'. It was marked urgent, but it's still taken us a week or two to get around to writing it up. We hope you understand.

So: you know the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece The Birds? The 1963 thriller with Tippi Hedren in the lead role? Well, firstly there's a remake coming (which has been chatted about for a while). Secondly, Michael Bay is producing the remake.

We'll give you a minute.

Better? Er, okay. Variety has broke the news that The Birds remake is happening, and that Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is producing it. Bay will be one of the film's producers.

The director of the new The Birds will be Diederik Van Rooijen, a Dutch helmer with several credits across film and TV to his name. He will be making his Hollywood directing debut on the film.

The Guardian also reports that Naomi Watts is rumoured to be taking on Hedren's role.

More news on the project as we hear it. Can Brett Ratner do North By Northwest next?

The Guardian.

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The Birds 2: Bird Harder.

Bird: Ressurection

Let’s be honest, “The Birds” isn’t a masterpiece, and if it weren’t by HItchcock it would just be another B-movie thriller/ horror from the early sixties. Poor acting and really poor effects work make it a misfire
It’s not a patch on the Daphne du Maurier story it was very freely adapted from, so if a new version incorporated more of the original source and less of the Hitch-by-numbers, it could easily be an improvement!

Yes x 100,000.

Will they be exploding Robotic birds?

How long into the film until a bird explodes, taking out three cars and half of a hotel frontage?

I'm going for 5 minutes.

15 minutes until it happens and someone walks away from it in slow motion, possibly putting on shades.

Bird: Dark of the Turd

If its a Bay film it will have a hot young bird* that bends over a lot.
*Dear DoG, I realise I am breaking the recent sexual innuendo Directive but I'm hoping you allow this comment due to the obvious 'bird' angle.

Liked for Mr Brew's winning opening and closing sentences, even the news in between doesn't bear thinking about

It'll be worth it for Mark Kermode's review.


I can't decide if my favourite bit will the bit where they reveal it was aliens all along, the CGI birds, the slo-mo of a womans behind or the bit where that thing exploded or the other explosion...or the other 792 explosions.

I am fairly certain that if he we're alive to day, that old hack Alf would be thanking Mr Bay for correcting his mistakes.

OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Can Brett Ratner do North By Northwest next?"
DEAR LORD!!!! Shut the f**k up Brew! Don't GIVE them ideas man! Next thing you know, someone will suggest Uwe Bolls 'Psycho' or Tommy Wiseaus 'Vertigo' .............. oh my god what have I done?

So Birdemic with realistic explosions?


The Birds doesn't need a remake and needless to say, Michael Bay will never come close to Alfred Hitchcock's brilliance and shouldn't even try.

Personally I think The Birds is one of Hitchcock's weakest films, but it still doesn't need a Bay-make.

I'm really looking forward to this. It may be one of the funniest films ever made.

it isn't a masterpiece but it is a better film than you suggest and certainly doesn't deserve a remake with bay involved

Each to his own - I’ve seen the Hitchcock and think it’s weak, and doesn’t do justice to the source, or his previous work; I don’t presume to judge any new version until it’s made - that’s just pointless.

To be honest I think it's amazing. One of my favourite Hitchcock films. The ambiguity and subtext more than make up for occasionally wonky effects and the scenes in the house with the birds massing outside are hugely memorable. I've also read the Du Maurier and to be honest I like it but I find it more disposable than the Hitchcock version. The best thing about it, and the core which Hitchcock retains, is the ambiguity about why and how the birds have become malevolent. As Lovecraft said, and Kubrick paraphrased, 'in cases of the supernatural never explain.'

I was having such a nice day...

Reading this, only one thing came to mind.

Gus Van Sant's Psycho was already pretty bad.

This is the best comment on a thread.......ever!

I humbly disagree, but at least the remake might have an actual ending ;-)

i was too until i read this

If bay makes this it without a doubt will be the worst movie ever made.

The Birds

The Birds 2 - Revenge of the Falcon

The Birds 3 - Park of the Loon

The Birds 4 - Cage of Extinction

Correction, Michael Bay remaking Birdemic sorry for the confusion.

The movie was made in 1963 and you are complaining about special effects? Sorry but movies were better when they had to have a story to carry the film instead of CGI. Also brush up on your B-movie horror from the period they typically had far worse special effects. The Beginning of the End (1957) used grasshoppers on a postcard.

This was news in the Netherlands more than a week ago. Apparatly Dutch director Diederik van Rooijen will make it. He directed Daglicht and Taped, which is getting a US remake, and created Penoza, that's the TV series the Americans remade as Red Widow.

A couple of years ago I watched The Birds for the first time, and while I might not be in the
majority I think a remake could be a good idea. Because the birds have no motive or origin for their behaviour, at least that I got from the movie. Also when I tought the movie finally started it was finished!

Birds VS Predators

You're tearing us apart, Bay!

So....Michael Bay. Has anyone explained to him that birds don't explode?

The original was great, but the idea can be re-used in other ways.

Yes. There are movies with fantastic effects which pre-date “The Birds”, so why should I excuse bad effects when I see them just because it’s a Hitchcock? For example he’s got better effects in “The Lady Vanishes” and “North by North West” (which *are* masterpieces) specifically if you date them to their periods of production, and even then they beat “The Birds”, made later than both.
Just listing other movies with bad effects is neither here nor there, nor is it a defence of Hitch making a bad film - so what that there are *worse* movies than “The BIrds”? There are certainly better ones than it too…

There is a difference in filming a plane and filming a live flying bird. You cannot compare the two in the same fashion. Look at every other animal related horror film of the period and compare the special effects and you will see what I mean. Of all animals birds in flight maybe the most difficult due to the flapping wings.

Weekend at Birdies

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