Samuel L Jackson: smaller Nick Fury role in Avengers 2

News Simon Brew 27 Mar 2014 - 06:34

It doesn't look like you'll be getting much Nick Fury for your money in Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron...

In Marvel's new movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you get a fair amount of Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury for your money. Jackson, who has a nine picture deal with the studio, has perhaps his most substantive part to play yet as Fury in the new film.

But going into Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Nick Fury's role in that movie is set to be a lot smaller. Jackson himself confirmed this to Yahoo Movies, saying that "I'm just kind of passing by there, you know. I'm not doing so much". He added that "it’s another one of those ‘people who have powers fighting people who have powers’. That’s why I didn’t get to New York in The Avengers. There’s not a lot I could do except shoot a gun".

Yahoo also reports that Anthony Mackie is unlikely to appear in The Avengers 2.

The main first unit shoot of Avengers: Age Of Ultron kicks off in a week or two, ahead of the film's release next summer. 


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He was good in WS. But he's right, what can he really do in the middle of the smack downs but shoot a gun? Same as Black Widow really.

Makes sense considering the events of Winter Soldier. I hope Yahoo are wrong about Anthony Mackie not being in Age of Ultron, he was a great addition to Winter Soldier and would fit into the Avengers really well.

Can we have an embargo on any more Marvel movie news until we've all have a chance to see Cap 2 at the weekend?

I concur. I was almost certain he'd be killed off in TWS, and now I know he's not.

Or you could just stay out of Marvel related articles so that those of us who have seen it can keep up with the news.

I'll be a little disappointed if Falcon doesn't make it into AoU.. Hoe was a great supporting character, played well by Mackie, and he held his own. It'd be a shame for him not to even get a 15 second cameo.

The spoiler was in the headline to the article, so that kinda ruins your argument. Most of us will have seen it by Monday, so it's not exactly a big favour to ask

Except that there are those among us who want movie news before Monday and the site makes its money by providing us with it, so, yeah, it is a big favour to ask. Maybe we should shut all movie related websites down put an embargo on all movie news because people haven't seen Citizen Kane yet?

The only spoiler here was that Nick Fury lives. If you follow Marvel news at all you'd know that because of his contract and the fact that he has been talked about in the movie before. If you had stopped at the headline, it may even have only hinted at a flashback so you still wouldn't be sure until you read the body of the article. That's on you, not the site and I don't see why I should be punished with a lack of movie news because of you.

If you're that phobic of headlines then it would probably be easier all round to stay off movie news sites rather than make the judgement for everyone that we shouldn't be allowed news because you aren't fortunate enough to have seen a movie yet.

Guess I won't read this til after I watch Cap 2. Bookmarking now.

He was, but then War Machine didn't make it into Avengers Assemble, can only fit so many characters in

He's awesome, I agree, but he's definitely not in AoU. The actor already confirmed that.

Seems like such a waste, given they've now established him. Shame.

"That’s why I didn’t get to New York in The Avengers. There’s not a lot I could do except shoot a gun"
So what was Black Widow doing there?

It would be a shame for Falcon to miss out on Avengers 2, even it was just a cameo or just to join in during the climatic fight, like swooping in having returned from another mission, would be such an extra moment of geek awesomeness.

If not then at least a proper explanation for his absence, like he could be on the other side of the world investigating something for Captain America who gives him a brief situation update or Falcon asks if he is needed with the Avengers and is told to stay put in case it goes global or something.

You class changing a sentence as a big favour? Remind me never to borrow a quid off you

This title alone is a "spoiler". I haven't read "any" of this article, and I'm deliberately not scrolling my eyes up or down as I write this...but the rumored..."big death" in the movie is obviously not Fury with a friggin title like this. Please stop posting Winter Soldier articles...some of us in the all of North America...haven't been able to see it yet...

No, the big favour was asking for an embargo on all Marvel movie news (" news until you had seen the movie. You never asked for them to simply change the headline. You wanted them to restrict the reporting of movie related news on a movie new site paid for by advertising money. You wanted them to risk their funding by changing what they do to suit your needs. That is a pretty big favour, yes.

Remind me never to ask you for help with the English language.

Kung fu and making me feel like I needed a pair of Hulk brand trousers :P

It could mean that he's only going to be in flashbacks.

Your reply to the post alone is a spoiler if you've seen the movie already...christ...

No it's not. I promise. I'm just saying that a smaller role could mean that he lives and won't have much to do in A2, like you assume, or it could mean that he dies and will only appear in a couple of flashback scenes.

I'm just trying to point out that you jumped to a conclusion over a fairly ambiguous headline. Calm down.

SERIOUSLY...stop f'ing writing !!!!!!!!

Fine, jump to conclusions then. I was just trying to help.

By the way Black Widow was a ghost all along, lol.

...or stop reading.

And they managed to find a job for Hawkeye so I'm sure Joss can figure our how to use him.

ITYM 'substantial' not substantive.

Gotta say that I agree with Bakhesh's original point; I saw the movie today and this headline knocked out some of the drama for me...Also the story quoted here could have waited a couple of days. It's not like it's massively earth shattering or pivotal.

So because you may not have seen a movie yet a website that makes its money delivering movie news should not deliver movie news? I'll go back to my earlier hyperbolic point: should all websites be banned from talking about movies because someone hasn't seen Citizen Kane?

Don't be thick. If you want to avoid spoilers then avoid the site. I have seen the movie. I like a steady stream of movie news, especially about Marvel. Why should I suffer because you haven't seen a movie?

"Suffer"...? Really? This is your definition of suffering, how very first world of you....

So just because you've seen the film first then everyone else who hasn't doesn't even get a weekend's grace on articles that may have an impact on the plot line? That's actually the point of Backesh's that I was originally supporting - a weekend's delay... Your rather heated rebuttal of comments supporting that point isn't very community spirited of you.

Also, stop being so rude. It makes you come across as a small minded, petulant dick; which I'm absolutely sure that you aren't.

Yes, suffer. I never compared that suffering to any other problems, but as the removal of something I enjoy simply to suit others it still counts as suffer, all be it small, "first world" and inconsequential in the bigger picture.

Secondly, why should you get the special treatment here? You are asking a business that makes its money by bringing people news to stop bringing people news until you see a movie. If this site were to stop doing that then I and others would stop coming here and get our news somewhere that doesn't feel it necessary to put a hold on everything until you get to a cinema. I am being community spirited, I want the community to have access to what people involved in these movies have to say when they say it, not a week later. You and Backesh are arguing hat we shouldn't have access to that knowledge because it doesn't suit you, even if it suits the rest of the community.

Lastly: petulant? Really? You two whinge about not having seen a movie yet and not wanting to read something you don'y have to read ruining things for you and you accuse me of petulance and "first world problems"? Seriously?

Like I said before: you want to avoid spoilers then stay away from places that might contain them. This site reports movie news, it shouldn't have to stop that just for you.

Technically, you don't want "the community" to have access, just your particular part of it. The point being made here was just a weekend's delay for the rest of world that hadn't seen it yet, even just a non-spoilery headline would have helped.

No more flamey to and fro from me. I'm off to have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, I'd suggest you do the same - but maybe make yours a de-caffeinated tea and a plain digestive...

No, I want the community to have access to it. If the community doesn't have access then how can I have access? Stop being stupid. You are the one claiming that what your section of the community wants is more important.

The point being made was that you two haven't seen the movie yet and therefore the community on this site should not have access to any news that follows on from it until you do. Had Backesh or yourself simply called for a different headline I would never have replied to either of you, but you didn't do that. You both claimed that the site was in the wrong for doing what they are supposed to do and that the community shouldn't be allowed to have access to any news regarding Marvel movies until it suited you.

You don't want spoilers? Go to a different website and avoid them. Let the rest of the community have access if they want it.

A weekend's delay on news is a weekend that costs this site money and a weekend that people who have seen the movie have to go without something they have every right to just to suit you. You think that's fair? Talk about acting like an entitled brat.

Sorry, busy now with my Bourbon Cream, which I'm sure even you can agree is the king of biscuits.

Sorry, but you're wrong agin.

Rich Tea FTW!

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