Avengers: Age Of Ultron news round-up

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27 Jan 2014 - 07:00

Joss Whedon, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, location details and The Godfather: Part II in our Avengers 2 round-up...

Filming isn't far off now on the follow-up to 2012's box office-dominating The Avengers, with Joss Whedon of course back in the director's chair. Avengers: Age Of Ultron is set to arrive in cinemas next year, and here's the latest on the film.

Firstly, it was revealed over the weekend that the movie is going to have scenes shot in Italy, specifically at Fort Bard in the north of the country. BadTaste.It also reports that further Italian locations include Aosta, Dorinnas, Pont-Saint-Martin and Verres. A crew of up to 1500 people will be used for the work in Italy, with at least 500 of them extras.

Then, there have been rumours that the production will also visit South Korea at some point, although these haven't been confirmed. Still, it's being reported that a Korean actress is being sought for a villain role in the movie. Requirements are that the successful candidate is fluent in English, and popular in Asia, apparently. Again, whilst the Italian shoot has been confirmed, the Korean side hasn't as of yet.

Finally, Joss Whedon has been chatting about the film. He's been in France promoting the release of Much Ado About Nothing, and while being interviewed, he confirmed that "the events of Captain America [The Winter Soldier] will definitely affect the world of Avengers 2". Adding that he still has to make a film that doesn't assume its audience has seen all the others, he said that "the model I'm always trying to build from, or my guiding star, is The Godfather: Part II where a ton has happened in-between and it's a very different movie, but you don't need any information".

"You're in the vernacular of the first movie and you're just ready to pick up in this new place, and hopefully that's what will happen with my movie. Obviously I'm talking about one of the greatest films ever made... I hope mine will be good, but that is my guiding star".

Shooting is set to start in March.


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