Don Cheadle set for Avengers: Age Of Ultron

News Simon Brew 13 Dec 2013 - 07:05

Suiting up for The Avengers 2 is Don Cheadle, who makes the leap across from Iron Man 3...

Shooting begins next year on Joss Whedon's sequel to his smash-hit The Avengers movie. We already know that the film, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, will feature James Spader as the major new addition to the cast, and we already know that lots of familiar faces from the Marvel movies will be returning too.

Following the effective conclusion of the Iron Man cinematic story in Iron Man 3 earlier this year, there had at one stage been some speculation as to whether Robert Downey Jr would return for the movie. He's subsequently signed up for two Avengers movies, which answered that question.

But according to USA Today, Don Cheadle will be making the leap to Avengers: Age Of Ultron as well. And apparently, it'll be in his War Machine guise. Furthermore, Hitfix adds that he will have "a key role in the conflict with Ultron that is the main focus of the sequel".

Exactly how he fits in remains to be seen of course, but as soon as we find out more about the film, we'll let you know.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron arrives in the summer of 2015.


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Great news, he has been one of the best aspects of the last two Ironman films IMO.

So its his turn to be avenged?

Well I suppose when Stark blew up all the suits it didnt effect the War Machine. Or else Rhodey got a very nasty shock.

Didn't the Comic-Con teaser for Age of Ultron suggest that Jarvis goes rogue? This news could imply that he takes control of the War Machine suit of armour, even though it would drastically change Ultron's backstory.

Ultron's backstory will be very different in the MCU (e.g Hank Pym is not to be involved in it). Since the Iron Patriot is the only remaining Stark armour it makes sense for it to be involved, especially if the teaser is anything to go by...

About time!

RIP Rhodey then.

I like Cheadle as iron man much more than some snot nosed kid. It even happens in the comics. Disney says anyone can play tony stark, but I say not even anyone can play iron man, much less tony stark. And I'm a man of great import.

In part 2, he played the most realistic career military guy. By part 3, he was Rhodey as TH played him... only better. I'm glad this is happening. I used to think he was gonna be on avengers. This makes sense, though.

**spoiler alert**

And el presidente

Not sure what you're on about there - what kid?

I hope they're not bringing him in just to kill him.

Sorry I didn't say **spoiler**. You up to date on all the movies?

That would be highly disappointing and predictable.

Yeah, but not sure how his little buddy is related to this?

Yeah, I didn't explain how I got to thinking of him in part 3. I do that a lot. I go through complicated scenarios in my head and get on a page no one else is on, then I articulate such to the detriment of all my conversations and get bonked on the head. It's how Pinky always asked Brain random questions about rhinoceros bikinis and whatnot.

Oh the kid. Yeah, um, I can't remember. Try again later.

Clearly dead in the Avengers is not as harmful as normal.

Oh come on. its nearly 2014. The people who havent seen it yet arnt bothered. Its not like a twist ending

**spoiler alert**

Good point.

Hmm... If that means they can bring anybody back at anytime, then there's no danger. Sure it's what happens in the comic books, and obviously with Coulson, but if they always do it, then they would lose credibility. Quick

Overcrowded...Oh wait its a Marvel movie....

The Patriot/War Machine armour is separate to Tony's army of suits. Tony has no control over it, it's independent and not run by JARVIS either, so when the suits are all blown up during the finale, Rhodey (and the Prez) are safe ... and it does mean that Rhodey has the only functioning suit by the end credits, technically HE is Iron Man :)

Oh fa sho. I was going along with Oliver J.

I don't know... Whedon says Hawkeye's role will be beefed up in age of Ultron. And he, Renner, complained about his role in part 1. In other words, he's got red in his ledger.

I like where your head's at.

I have heard they're planning on doing a brand new for-the-movies origin story but you may be on to something. If War Machine is returning then I'm guessing his armour'll be silver again, Ultron is made of silver-coloured metal in drawn pictures I've seen of him so Ultron altering the War Machine armour is possible. Can I just say as well I really think Thanos will be behind Ultron, just like he was behind the Chitauri army. This means he once agen doesn't want to join the fight until more assessment has been done.

I got the suspicion that they may kill him off too.

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