Vin Diesel hints at The Avengers 2 role?

News Simon Brew 11 Jul 2013 - 06:56

Vin Diesel has had his reported meeting with Marvel. And a picture he's posted hints at a possible Avengers 2 involvement...

Vin Diesel, who's currently preparing to film Fast & Furious 7, is a man who likes to keep people up to date via his Facebook page. As such, he reported there a week or two back that Marvel wanted to have a meeting with him. And now, he's reported back, having been in to see them.

As he posted on his page, "Marvel meeting today. Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed...". Which gives very few clues away. However, arguably a much bigger clue was in the accompanying photo on the page, that you can see below...

Was it coincidence that he chose to pose in front of a The Avengers cover? Furthermore, was it a coincidence that he's stood next to a caption marked 'See the next Giant Man'. Quite possibly on both counts. But conversely, given that he could have had his photo taken in lots of places around Marvel, it does feel like this snap is a deliberate choice. We wonder if Joss Whedon was in the meeting...

It might just be, of course, that we need to drink more coffee.

You can find Vin Diesel's Facebook page here - when we find out more about what he's up to with Marvel, we'll let you know...

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I can see him in Guardians of the Galaxy as the voice of Groot or Rocket Racoon (with another action star like Statham and The Rock doing the other voice).

Other than that he could be Thanos....

He is definitely a person of color.

Well, his best film so far was "The Iron Giant".

*** DoG has missed the most important part of the quote. ***

The full line was ....

"Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed...

P.s. Thanks to Our page, for pushing to make it happen... you know I get tunnel VISION with my work... and after that meeting today... wow!"

(Caps added my me for emphasis)

I quite like Vindy, but I'm not sure about him as the Vision. He would be much better cast as a badass type hero, just based on his voice alone. So many superheroes do the whole gravelly voice thing these days, and he's got the best in the business.

Look at Batman. Christian Bale did his best, but Vin Diesel's daughter could probably do a better job

Red and green? With some yellow?

That's a good point. A couple questions about antman though: has he been cast? I take it he hasn't but I don't know. Are Antman and Giant Man the same guy? I thought they were, even though there've been a couple different guys in the suit, can't said suit shrink AND grow?

Another point, if he's playing Vision, it makes sense to stand by that poster since antman created Ultron created Vision. Unless antman is not giant man that is. My head hurts

He would great a Crusher Creel A.K.A The Absorbing Man.

He would BE A great Crusher Creel A.K.A The Absorbing Man. :)

yes, hank pym uses pym particles to change size

hes also a wife beater

He swatted the Wasp?! Woe is me!!

by the way it says see the new giant-man

Looking at Vision's page on wikipedia, there are a lot of links to WWII, the cosmic cube and Captain America, so it isn't hard to imagine him being a prime candidate for Avengers 2...

Well you never know what marvel will use or not, i.e. the Leader, the ten rings, a human butler, Thor's hat and such like.

I like his style.

I think the biggest clue is he is obscuring the S so next to his face in big letters it says AVENGER .....

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