Who's going to be missing from The Avengers 2?

News Simon Brew 17 Jun 2013 - 06:28

Joss Whedon confirms one of the faces from The Avengers won't be back for The Avengers 2...

We're not sure that, by the time The Avengers 2 arrives in cinemas in the summer of 2015, that this will count as any kind of spoiler. But it does kind of go without saying that if you don't want to know details of who's not going to be in The Avengers 2, you should click away now.

For those who are still here (er, pretty much everyone who clicked on the article in the first place, we suspect), Joss Whedon did a press tour of the UK last week to promote his now-in-cinemas Much Ado About Nothing. And he popped up in the lavish surroundings of the Empire podcast studio at one point. And while talking to the fine folks there, he revealed that there's going to be someone missing from The Avengers 2.

Whedon said that he'd turned in a first draft, but as things stand, there's no Loki - as played by Tom Hiddleston - in there. The character will be appearing in Thor: The Dark World, and so immediately we can't help but wonder if something in that film would prevent him appearing in The Avengers 2. Or, perhaps more likely, Whedon just wanted a different antagonist this time around.

You can get hold of the Empire podcast right here. And you can expect The Avengers 2 in the summer of 2015.

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At least a cameo man, come on ...

I'm happy with that, Having been the villain twice already and doing whatever he ends up doing in Thor 2, I think it's fair to keep him out of this one.

I was expecting Maria Hill or something. Nah, Loki I don't mind. I thought his story was kinda finished now anyway - looking forward to seeing him T:TDW but after that I'm not bothered.

I'm fine with this.. he's been in 3 films now, (if you count Thor 2) ...it would get too repetative. Yes, he's charismatic and stuff... but time for some new people now.

Non-Avenger missing from Avengers!! Oh, Noes!!!

Loki is a great villain. Tom Hiddleston is a great actor.

No doubt something gets resolved in Thor 2, tho ...

I was worried you were going to say Hawkeye for a minute.

I'm fine with Loki not being in the movie. Judging by the trailer for Thor 2, he gets a chance at redemption, or a chance to betray Thor again. Either way, it would make him a bit redundant for Avengers 2.

Give Kang or Ultron a shot

I'm actually very happy with this one. You don't want to keep overusing him and end up with him being like the Daleks in the first few seasons of new-Era Who. Every time something bad happens, wait for it... Oh, yeah, there are the Daleks/Loki, no surprise there...

Same here. Fury, Widow, and Hill will be on Cap 2. No hawkeye.

Still thinking it will be Kang or Ultron as the enemy this time.

As a shameless Loki fangirl, it hurts to know that our baby won't be in the film. But from a narrative standpoint, it's a sensible move and I'm glad Joss Whedon has made that decision. There is literally nothing they can say or do that will prevent me from seeing Avengers 2 in cinemas <3

He'll probably be too busy being the good Doctor Who anyway...

.... The first sentence of that made me want to commit suicide.

go on then.

I would have.... but your reply made me feel better about myself. I thought to myself: "C'mon man, you know how to put capital letters at the start of sentences! You're clearly in a dying breed." Thus I live on. Thank you, stranger, You have saved me.

Not surprising at all. The same villain in two Avengers films? No they were always going to bring another villain in that's more threatening (and won't attract fangirls on Tumblr).

"Thank you, stranger, You have saved me."

Not that great with capitals after all, eh?

Have you ever even read a comic???

There may be a thing between Cap and Natasha. Having Hawkeye might make things too soapy-seeming for this world.

Interesting thought. I could live with that as long as he pops up somewhere, A2 I suppose.

The only reason I can think why he wouldn't be in there would be budgetary.

They shoehorned him into Thor to introduce the character, when we didn't see her. We already knew he doesn't always work with Natasha because we didn't see him when she was introduced in Iron Man 2.

Hmmm...I wonder if that means Thanos as the villain is shelved. I would think that if Thanos was the Big Bad; Loki would at least make a brief appearance since his failure to deliver the Tesseract is why Thanos must take direct action himself and there was promised retribution. Ah who knows, perhaps that's Avengers 3 or Thor 3 or just a red herring altogether? I will miss Hiddleston's work, but at least now he knows he is free to pursue other projects.

Thank god, he has already been overused. But I also hope Mr Boring (aka Hawkeye) ain't in it either.

You're pushing him to the brink again... but perhaps we should get a say on the method?

I'd rather see Loki than Hawkeye, but to have them both absent from A2 works nicely. Whedon can mix things up, it's not like there's a shortage of characters to choose from. Bring on Spidey, I say!

That would be awesome...

Money. The root of all supervillainry.


Actually, my bet is that RDJ, who is apparently playing team captain for the rest of the super-friends, makes sure Renner is taken care of.

Truth be told I was rather disappointed by the news that Loki will not be in Avengers 2. I did not expect him to play a villain in it but perhaps help out the heroes a bit. I went to see the original Avengers the first time with friends. The next 4 times I purchased overpriced movie tickets to see it, it was because of Loki. So I may just wait for Avengers 2 to come out on dvd or perhaps watch it a single time in the theater.

It's OK, some sneaky editing and noone ever need know!

I believe Whedon has stated that Thanos will make an appearance in Avengers 2 but won't be the villain, and will be the big bad in Avengers 3.

Devilishly clever!

guess this means Loki didn't set himself up to get caught in The Avengers movie as part of the plan to get hold of The Infinity Gauntlet.. too bad, never seen a twist set up in the first movie, paid off in the sequel before.

As a shameless Loki fanboy, it is a real shame that Tom won't be in The Avengers 2 as he was one of the best things in it, but hopefully he'll have a part to play in Thor 3.

I can't be the only one who read that comment and thought, "who the hell is Cameo-Man!?"

Over 2 films Hawkeye has only had something like 13 mins of screen time and about 4 mins of character development. At this point he is a victim of child abuse, who has been violated by Loki, used to murder dozens of his team members and could now be losing his girl friend and/or closest/only friend to Captain America or The Winter Soldier. Add to that his fight scenes are real and gritty, offering a contrast to all the super hero CGI.

This character has not been used properly yet, but it is really primed for the next film. If Avengers 2 is going to be about making the characters suffer and not just special power top trumps, then Hawkeye will be invaluable.


iron man won't be in avengers 2

I love Loki but I agree it wouldn't work if he's a villain again, I'd like a solo film though :)

Of course he will be in The Avengers 2, right after the credits in a 30 second vignette ;-)

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