Mark Ruffalo on The Avengers 2 cast rumours

News Simon Brew 14 May 2013 - 06:30

Will The Avengers cast be returning for The Avengers 2? Mark Ruffalo has one or two things to say...

Last week, rumours sprung up that there may well be issues regarding Marvel getting the cast back together for Joss Whedon's The Avengers 2. Apparent financial grumbles were cited, although inevitably, specifics were thin on the ground. The story ran though that negotiations with key cast members were not going well.

Mark Ruffalo, the Hulk himself, has been chatting to Moviefone, and this issue came up. Ruffalo, fortunately, was willing to correct some of the reports. "I haven't caught wind of any of that", he said. "I was surprised to hear it, because I don't even think anyone's really started negotiating yet. As far as I know [everyone is back]. But sometimes actors are the last people to know what's going on".

He also confirmed that, were some of the roles ultimately recast, he would still return, although "I'd be really sad" if they were.

We suspect that if there's any truth to the financial negotiations issues, that it's unlikely to result in The Avengers 2 losing any cast members, no matter how much hardball Marvel likes to play. We will, of course, keep you posted.


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I'd be said too.I think we'd all be said.

Don't make Mark said. You wouldn't like Mark when he's said.

If anyone leaves, just replace them all with Don Cheadle.

Or Affleck! Actor drops out? Affleck! Need to re-cast a role? Affleck!

All the cast members bar Robert Downey Jr have multiple picture deals don't they? Ruffallo has a 6 picutre deal as the hulk i believe

With the amount of money the Marvel films are pulling in, I would be amazed if they had to recast anyone on purely a financial decision. Initially, I can understand it was a gamble- but after the success of the Avengers?

Downey is the one most likely not to return. Some of the other actors might want a pay raise after how well the first Avengers film did, though.

Or Mark Ruffalo!

What makes you say that? Everything I've heard indicates that RDJ adores the role.

The Avengers took in $1.5 billion at the box office and apparently $220 million to make,even if we add another $200 million for marketing(no idea how much it is),its still over $1 billion..not including merchandising

Disney would be nuts to complain about the financial side of the movie

Said or sad?

Hope it will be better than Iron Man 3. Just watched it today and was very disappointed. Personally preferred IM2 over 3...but think I will be in a minority!!

I'm not too worried. Unless any of the actors hated being a part of a massive blockbuster then they'll be back. It's so huge that they couldn't turn it down.

This is kinda the point of "The Avengers". It's an ensemble movie - no actor, or character, is indispensable. Robert Downey Jr. wants 50 million for an extended cameo? Well, Don Cheadle is available for half a million, and it would be interesting to see what Don would do when he's not playing side-kick. Jackson wants 10% of the gross and creative control? Let's have Captain America, the mos apolitical man in the world, reluctantly running SHIELD, and dealing with the politics the job ensues. With Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch on board, it might be best to pass on some original characters to open up screen real-estate.

Don't have a Hulk film made by Ang Lee. You wouldn't like it when it's by Ang Lee.

I enjoyed it more than IM1 & 2. The more Cheadle the better - he's awesome!

I believe there was an interview where he said that the role is very physically demanding and it really hurts an old guy like him. Plus (not a spoiler I hope) IM3 seemed to wrap things up for the IM character somewhat which could be leading to this speculation.

I'd be more sad than said, that's for darn sure.

Should we recast Daredevil with Ben Affleck?

Marvel are bastards, that's how they have risen to the top, by treating talent as things that must be squeezed and whipped - always have been, always will be. Ask Frank Miller. Anyway, this sounds more like an issue with agents rather than with actors - as if actors make any of the important decisions. Hand them script, tell them they're getting paid and actors will quite happily say whatever is written on the pages. The majority are about as intellectually curious as a can of baked beans.

As my good friend said, it's like playing for their country. They all have their clubs (Iron Man, Thor, Cpt America) but they should be doing the Avengers for a lot less of a pay cheque!

Got to feel for Ruffalo, he didn't get to do his own movie and in the Avengers the Hulk smashed (excuse the pun) the others out of the park!

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