New characters revealed for The Avengers 2

News Simon Brew 2 May 2013 - 06:35

That brother-sister team that Joss Whedon mentioned for The Avengers 2? Seems we know who they are...

The release of Iron Man 3 has brought with it a swathe of questions regarding The Avengers 2, not least because Marvel people are on the publicity trail, and available to answer them.

Entertainment Weekly, then, has been able to confirm - citing "a source" - the identity of the brother-sister team that Joss Whedon had said would be joining The Avengers 2. The brother-sister combo in question? That'd be Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. We don't know who'll be playing them, but they're now understood to be in Joss Whedon's current draft of The Avengers 2.

EW did put the question to Marvel Studios' head honcho Kevin Feige, although he was inevitably playing things closer to his chest. "I'm not confirming or denying", he said. "The draft could change six months from now".

Furthermore, while Robert Downey Jr's contract to play Iron Man is reportedly up, he is, EW reports, still expected to be a part of The Avengers 2.

More news on The Avengers 2 as we get it...


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"I'm not confirming or denying. The draft could change six months from now".

Hardly a solid confirmation?

I hope theyre not in it unless it's leading up to an X-Men crossover.

i thought those characters were held by another studio?

Isn't the Scarlet Witch a mutant, rather than a superhero? In which case, they are going to have to come up with a completely different origin story for them ... should be fun, considering what they did to the Mandarin recently...

Are the two (mutant vs superhero) mutually exclusive? Captain America, and Hulk, aren't they also mutants? And Spider-Man as well. Having been mutated by superserum, gamma rays and radiation, respectively?

A guy that can run fast (for some reason), and a witch...?

Shared with Fox. Marvel Studios can use them but not mention they are mutants or the children of Magneto - so seems odd as to why they would bother.

As I understood it, it was the first studio that wanted to use them who could. It also would mean that those two characters can't be used by Fox in a X-Men movie of there making.

Oh, not mutually exclusive at all, and I'm sorry if it seems like that was the implication. I was trying to imply that if they are mutants, with the origins that come with that, then surely they are stepping into the x-men franchise. The other characters in the Avengers have unique origins, rather than the x-men mutants which all share one, and I'd like to see how Marvel are going to explain that one away.

Sorry but no those characters are not mutants they have been mutated which I am said to say is a big difference in the Marvel world....a mutant is born a mutant with the X gene if I remember correctly where the rest obtained their power through other means....

that would be sad to say...

Scarlet Witch is a mutant, yes. She is also an 'Uncanny' Avenger as of this year in the comics (Marvel NOW!) along with several other mutants so I wouldn't be surprised to see Whedon take inspiration from the uncanny avengers in Avengers 2. Does make me wonder if any other Uncanny Avengers will make it across to Avengers 2...

I doubt that... But boy that would be awesome. Maybe it won't end with phase 3 anyhow. With the bottomless bag of material that marvel is I just don't see it. When asked about Daredevil joining the avengers Kevin Feige said, im paraphrasing here, "there are no plans for that at the moment. We're just glad to have him back in the fold. Phase 4 maybe?" Now I think he was just joking, but maybe by phase 3 xmen will be theirs. And I hope they wouldn't reboot them. Then they could do a lot more, particularly civil war or avengers vs xmen.

They'll really struggle to go into their origin story without once even mentioning the 'M' word... Well, mutant and Magneto, the two 'M' words I guess. Seriously, they just show up and everyone goes "oh, those two, yeah they're with us, it's cool..."

Don't see the problem here. SHIELD do a canvas of the world's superheros for suitable candidates for new members of The Avengers and Nick Fury introduces them to the team as a brother and sister combo picked up from some obscure Eastern Europe location. No need to mention the m word or indeed detail their origin with any depth.

I really hope they don't go all magical in the MCU.

Just call them Mutants - it will be Marvel giving Fox the 'V's and a neener neener - we own the rights to these...

As with any changes that might be made to source material, all that really matters is that in the end Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are great characters within Avengers 2. No matter how similar or not they are to the comic book characters. I'm intrigued as to the visual portrayal of SW's powers though.

It'll be part of it I'm sure. Thor n em are already science magic, and Dr strange will probably be all magic. Seems like a melting pot, which is good.

Quite excited about the affirmation ,although i'm not surprised considering how often Spike and Simon and River Tam reminded me of the characters.Spike was very similar to Quicksilver in many respects as he shared the outsider quality and persecution complex that tended to characterise him.Whenever Spike was hanging out with Buffy and her friends,it was very apparent that he never regarded himself as part of it.I always felt Quicksilver was pretty much like that,in the Avengers and X Factor.Simon and River Tam had that dependency,the Maximoff twins had in the comic books and familial issues with possible romantic partners.Wouldn't be terribly surprised if they were introduced as opponents in the story before enlisting with The Avengers and Shield.

If Robert Downey Jr's is not in the Advengers 2 then the series will tank, hands down he plays a perfict Tony Stark / Iron Man. They better sign him quick for another 5 movies or more.

Its as "secret nerd" said, in the comic those designated Mutant are born with the Gene. Cap and Hulk gained their power through alternative means as did Spiderman but hes the only possible exception since on the odd occasions he has been designated a mutant....and magical being.....and a bunch of other stuff. It gets stupid after a while.

where are spiderman?/

Yeah that's gross

I can live with that

Oh dear! I'm not sure that your enlightened attitude to continuity is going to get much support around here.

And yet another stumbling block for JLA. Flash will not be unique.

Well can't they be born with the powers and still not be called mutants? And they're pa can control electromagnetism, and be called Magento and dress accordingly, whose greatest enemy is Professor J, Carlos Javier, who lost the use of his upper body and head in a normal accident, but can still deliver a mean kick. Also he will be a reverse psychic, like Mel Gibson in what women want, but less wrinkly. Naturally he will be played by the guy from the dos Equis commercials. Now his students, the XXX Men, they're quite the team. In order to not avoid court, cyclops will be played by a cyclops, and his name will be Human. No lasers, just dotted lines that go from his eyes to whatever he's looking at. Which is usually Pietro and Bobby. And Wolverine will be played by a Canadian for once. Introducing the new Logan, fresh out of retirement..... Rick Moranis!

I don't know how long its going to take for the Scary Movie people to jump on the superhero bandwagon with a Super Movie pastiche but I reckon you're already way ahead there man. A guy with the power to fire dotted lines from his eyes is better than anything those muppets could ever come up with.

Parodies are not what they use to be. Naked gun, hot shots, don't be a menace to bla bla bla, scary movie, even not another teen movie, were good, even great. Now they can't seem to do much more than a balloon futilely spinning around in little fart circles.

And let's not forget galaxy quest. Not only was it a parody, it was also a real movie that never broke the 4th wall. Boy I hope someone like those guys parodies superheroes someday. It won't happen though

Superhero Movie has already been made in 2008 by one of the Scary Movie writers. I didn't dream that, did I?

Shouldnt they appear in an X-Men film first? Also I think I'd rather have Spiderman there instead.....unless they plan to have Phase 3 introduce the New Avengers

Spider-Man is owned by Sony.

So? I'm pretty sure they can make some kind of deal with Disney to sort of add Spiderman to the Marvel Film Universe

Because the back story of Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hawkeye is really fleshed out in the films. I'm sure if anyone can work out how to allude to the past without it feeling cheap, it would be Whedon. Remember, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver did not know Magneto was their father until much later. As for the mutant part, they can refer to being evolved humans or something. There are work arounds.

I think they should use the ant man and wasp characters instead. they may not be brother and sister but then you could get the ultron story line

They'll have someone start to say mutant, and either QS or SW will cut them off and say they hate that word, and that it's racist.

Well, the Hulk always attracts hints he was already messed up, and the Gamma just triggered it. Or something.

But yeah, Captain America's powers aren't even genetic, are they?

In his own films, made by a different company, from whom they woulod have to purchase the rights.

Possible romantic partners? Wasn't it explicitly stated? Or did I hallucinate that?

I continually assume this is something to do with Steed and Emma Peel. Disappointed yet again

He loves the role - he'll be back.

yeah...but with Scarlet Witch you have the Vision storyline, which is possibly way more heinous. Not to mention all the craze that SW brings to the Avengers...

You obviously dont know much about them do you... :( thats a heinous combo bro...

I know a little of the comic versions - but as to how they will make them fit into the MCU without mentioning their family history or how they got their powers...then no, none of us know how they will appear onscreen.

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