The Avengers 2 to shoot in UK, early 2014 start

News Simon Brew 2 Apr 2013 - 13:25

The Avengers will assemble in the UK early next year, as Joss Whedon looks set to bring The Avengers 2 to Britain...

Marvel seems to like Britain. Not content with tending to open its films a week earlier over here, it's also shot the likes of Captain America and Thor: The Dark World over in the UK. And it's a trend that's set to continue, it seems, with Joss Whedon's upcoming The Avengers 2.

Screen Daily reports that pre-production work on The Avengers 2 is set to get underway later this year at Shepperton Studios, with the plan being to shoot early in 2014. It'll join the soon-to-shoot Guardians Of The Galaxy, on which work is set to begin later in the year.

There's no news yet, as you might expect, as regards casting or story details. But rest assured, we'll secrete ourselves in Hawkeye's nest in the corner of Shepperton, and pass on anything new we hear. That, or we'll just ring the PR people. One of those two approaches should work...

Screen Daily.

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Blimey, 'arry, it's Tony Stahk, the bloke what beat Victah Crum's uncle, Whiplash! At least your part 2 was better than 'is, that's for true.

Secrete yourselves in the nest! Secrete yourselves in the nest!

Does that mean we get a proper title for it this time?

Maybe we'll call it Avengers Assemble 2! stateside. Boy Hollywood is retarded.

Avengers Assemble Again! surely....

I'd go with Avengers Assemblier

Avengers Re-Assemble. No brainer.

Avengers United would be a good name, but its sounds a bit footbally!

Avengers: Assemble Harder

Avengers Assemble into Darkness?

Avengers 2: Assemble Boogaloo. I don't want just 3 phases. Quit trying to wrap every story up and tell every good Avengers and solo hero story, Avengers Disassembled, Ultimate avengers, civil war, secret invasion, thunderbolts, dark avengers, siege, avengers vs xmen, 10 phases! Disney, get to work! It can either get old quick or be an epic mess or epicness! Rdj on his high horse demanding heroes to be registered or arrested is to beyond cool to not happen.

Also, for the prequel, Avengers Episode 1: Childhood Destroyed. Starring Jaden Smith as little Anthony Stark, pre-vitaligo (which he cures in a dark cave with a rubber band, a bendy straw and a particle smasher), and Andy Serkis as Jar Jar Hulk. And Bruce Banner.

A Good Day For the Avengers to Assemble?

Avengers: Ecks vs Sever?

Just don't leave any secretions behind.

Avengers 2: Black Captain Iron-eye HulkaThorus

Guardian of the galaxy is being film here too from July.

Avengers 2: Assembly Control.

Carry on Avenging?

Avengers, Avengertastic!

Lets be honest - Phase 2 is their attempt to see if they can get sequels done for Captain America, Thor and being sure the first Avengers wasn't a fluke.

Phase 3 is where they start testing the boundaries with lesser known hero films such as;

Doctor Strange
Black Panther
Hulk (First of three films)
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Captain America 3
Thor 3

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