The Avengers: Director's Cut coming to cinemas?

News Simon Brew 13 Jun 2012 - 06:37

You may yet want to treat this one with a bit of salt, but rumours suggest a longer The Avengers cut may be on the way...

The current box office tally for Joss Whedon's hugely successful big screen gathering of The Avengers is just on the cusp of breaking $1.4bn globally. That makes it the third biggest film of all time, behind the two James Cameron opuses, Titanic and Avatar.

The film is heading to DVD and Blu-ray in September, but there's a rumour that hints a longer cut of the film may be heading to cinemas, possibly to try and give those numbers one last big boost.

The suggestion is that the film may be re-released as early as the end of summer, with Disney and Marvel apparently "mulling over the option". Ordinarily, we'd dismiss this as nonsense, but given how The Avengers has pretty much written its own rule book this summer, it's hard to entirely rule it out. It's little secret that Joss Whedon had a lot of extra footage that he didn't use in his final cut, as you'd expect.

We still think this is a long shot, though, but we'll keep you posted if we hear anything more about it.

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I'd go see it.

I would go see that and I asked my family and they all said they would go see it again

I'd read the current version cut out a lot of Captain America stuff, so it would be great to see more of him interacting with the modern world. 

Hell yeah I'd go see that :)

 same here, I would need little excuse to watch it again!

I would definately like to see that.

My girlfriend was out shopping the other day with a mate who was meeting her partner after they'd finished to go and watch The Avengers. They asked her if we would like to go with them but she told them I wouldn't want to because I've "already seen it". She's on VERY thin ice now! :-)

That girl needs some educating 

me and my wife have seen it three times and would EASILY go see it again.

Tell me about it!

I have tried educating her, I even managed to pursuade her to watch the "original trilogy", but that just came back "I like the one with the Ewoks, but the second one was rubbish". I don't know why I put up with it!

Can I borrow your wife? (see my tale of woe below) lol

DO IT! I'm ashamed of myself as I haven't been to see this yet. I've been to the Cinema 2ice recently and I've been outvoted both times with Promethius and Snow White - Both of which I ENJOYED

The opportunity to see these extra special full cuts at the cinema is exciting and it'd be cool to think that exhibitors made real 'events' out of them. How about taking them on roadshows, making them like mobile comic conventions where cinemagoers cosplay, get introductions from cast members if possible and suchlike?

Would anyone apart from me go crazy for that kind of thing?

ToonMonkey I feel your pain. My girlfriend fell asleep during the Avengers....???  ("it was just loads of people fighting the whole way through")....

Can I trade you mine? She has really big breasts and is a great cook?

i'm going to see it for the 3rd time tomorrow and would still gladly go see an extended cut on the big screen!  the only other movie ive seen that many times at the theater was when i saw LOTR return of the king 5 times in theaters!

Although, she does have a point.

Yeah i read. Not sure I could be with someone who didn't have the same tastes and interests I do. It's part of the enjoyment seeing things together. She's as big a geek as I am!

A nice offer! Although so does mine.. (to both lol) so... um, haha

Thats interesting because I did read an article saying that the story was gonna be told more from Captain America's point of view

It actually works out pretty well. If I want some space I just stick a DVD on and suddenly I have the room to myself.

I hope this is not just in the US.  I'm all for extended cinema releases for films that have had a good run but perhaps felt that on it's initial release it had to be cut so as not to put people off.

I'm surprised the extended LOTR movies haven't had a theatrical release tbh.

Let's hope this becomes a trend more than crappy, tacked-on 3D.

It's a great excuse to go and watch it again, that's for sure. That, and the fact that it's brilliant.

Sign me up!

Not sure how I feel about this. It threatened to sag in the middle anyway, so I think this could be bad news for the best superhero movie in years.

Please Please Please let this be true....

She's got to go dude....Do it while it's too late! Finally got my wife to see Iron man - she said it was "a bit boring"!!!??!!  I'm married wife kids so it's not as easy getting rid of it!!

"while" = "before".  "married wife" = "married with".  That's private school education for you. 

Wouldn't have to do much persuading with my wife to see this again.  Usually I'm the one rofl'ing in the film, this time she couldn't stop, esp. after the bits with Hulk and Thor, then again with Hulk and Loki.  Walking out of the theatre she kept repeating it and laughing, she still brings it up weeks after seeing it and laughs even more.  Mind you she was all set to go see Avatar a second time (which we never quite got around to doing), still gives me the gears for going to see the Dark Knight without her, and was happy to stand in line at the Imax opening day for Dark of the Moon... maybe I need to stop criticizing her cooking?

At my cinema, people have been cosplaying the Avengers since it came out. I was queueing for Men in Black and saw Thor and Iron Man waiting for the eight o'clock screening!

I don't think I'd go and see it. I thought the first cut got things spot on. A longer cut might take away the enjoyment out of it and slow down the pace.

Going from the forthcoming dvd extras,all of the excised material are character scenes relating to the Maria Hill,Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D council subplot detailed in the art of the avengers book and some stuff with Captain America trying to find his place in the modern world before he goes into action.While i don't think any of this material is very important,it would be interesting to see how the film plays with these scenes included and it's surely worth a punt for the sake of maybe closing the gap in box office takings with Avatar and Titanic.I can't see it improving the movie though,i'm pretty confident it's theatrical release is genuinely the best version of the film possible.

im down with that, just tell me who to give my kidney to

Interesting, although there is a reason those bits didn't make it into the finished product. If they do release a directors cut i hope it doesn't destroy what is by far the best MARVEL film to date!

"it's surely worth a punt for the sake of maybe closing the gap in box office takings with Avatar and Titanic"

it sounds so petty but i feel the same way

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