The Avengers' box office domination continues

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Joss Whedon has now made the fourth biggest movie of all time, as The Avengers brings in lots more cash...

We don't usually report on the continued box office of a movie, but it's a real pleasure to do so in the case of Joss Whedon's The Avengers movie. Given that the last movies to break $1bn at the worldwide box office included Transformers 3 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, it's a real pleasure to report on a film that actually deserves its success.

In fact, this past weekend, The Avengers edged past the third Transformers movie to become the fourth biggest film of all time. Its current total stands at $457m in the US, and $1.18bn in total takings worldwide.

Where will it end up? Well, there's still no absolute direct competition until The Amazing Spider-Man pops along in July. This weekend's upcoming Men In Black 3 release is likely to usurp it from the top of box office charts (although Universal's Battleship got swept aside on its US bow this past weekend), but by this time next week, The Avengers will be the fourth biggest film ever at the US box office (it's about to overtake Star Wars, and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace), and it'll be closing in on being the third biggest film of all time. At the moment, that honour is held by Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, with $1.32bn in the bank.

The Avengers is unlikely to jump much further up. Two James Cameron movies cement the top slots on the all-time (non-inflation adjusted) worldwide box office charts. Titanic, courtesy of its recent re-release, is now up to $2.185bn, whilst Avatar stands alone with $2.782bn. The Avengers has an outside shot at being the third film ever to break $2bn, but it's likely to fall just a little short of that.

You'd hardly call it a disappointment, though. And we live in hope that, as a result, Joss Whedon gets given the keys to the dream project cupboard, and isn't asked to give them back anytime soon.

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And it still hasn't been released here in Japan. We won't get it here until August... can I just repeat that - August !!
How much of a late push the Japanese market will give to the overall box ofice I don't know - but I know a lot of rabit ex-pats waiting for it to arrive (that is if they can resist getting it somwhere else sooner) - AUGUST !!

It was an awesome movie with a lot of replay value - I reckon quite a few people would've seen the movie more than once

Me and my wife have seen this twice, but finances have stopped us going back again. Even though we want to. Lots. We're hoping to sneak in a couple more viewing before it goes off. It's just a joy to watch. And we're super happy that its Joss thats getting (finally) the recognition we always wished he had!

Why do they never release box office numbers in terms of bums on seats rather than the big financial jerk off that they use?
Real people would make much more sense, be less prone to fiddling numbers and let us compare across the decades much, much easier.

I don't CARE what a film made, even one by demigod Joss, it would be slightly more interesting to know when say 50000000 people had seen it. It's just money.

You're writing off Prometheus as potential competition?

if they did that then the top 10, possibly top 50, would likely be made up of films that were made before 1980 when cinema was at it's peak.  I think it was said in another of these avengers BO reports that Gone with the Wind is #1 in terms of bums on seats.

No modern film could compete with kinds of numbers cinema used to draw in, the same as television viewing figures in the modern age.

that would be unbearable for me!  You have my sympathy :)

Maybe Joss Whedon could get Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson involved in the second one playing superhero versions of their 60s Avengers characters...;o)

Is it time for a new t-shirt slogan "Joss Whedon took my money"?

I finally saw this on Friday, as a lifelong comic book fan and having enjoyed the recent spate of Marvel movies, this was just wonderful.
The perfect blockbuster film, it was so good I swear I was but a moment away from tears of joy! 
With tickets costing £12 a time, I won't be seeing it again, but I'm eagerly awaiting the blu-ray release.
Loved every moment of it.
Thank you Joss.

Prometheus is a prequel with none of the original cast, and most likely not even the original villain.  Ridley Scott is the drawcard, and he is hit and miss.

Sure it will be good, and will make money... but a shot at the Avengers?

No way in hell.

TDKR is the only one with any hope, and that's only because of the last DK movie.
But I have a sneaking suspicion that the competition from Spider-man plus the lack of heath Ledger, might slow it down.

Well if you live in japan

Christmas is coming in August.

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