Zac Efron to produce & star in John Grisham's The Associate

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3 Apr 2014 - 07:06
John Grisham

Once mooted for Shia LaBeouf, John Grisham's The Associate is now set to star Zac Efron instead...

It's been some time since the last John Grisham movie adaptation made it to the screen, with 2004's Christmas With The Kranks - based on the book Skipping Christmas - the most recent one.

That said, several of his books seem suddenly destined for the big screen again. A movie take on The Testament is apparently in the hands of director Stuart Blumberg (Thanks For Sharing), although we can't find anything concrete on that at the moment. Furthermore, The Racketeer had been linked with Safe House director Daniel Espinosa, and rumours persist of a film of The Partner.

And now you can add to list The Associate. The film version of that has attracted Zac Efron, who is set to produce and star in the movie. We've not read this one, but the outline sounds not a million miles away from that of The Firm mixed with the book Paranoia (not a Grisham title, and not a great film either, sadly). Efron is set to play the role of Kyle, a young lawyer who lands a job with the world's biggest law firm at the behest of criminals who are blackmailing him, and is dragged into illicit, illegal activity while he's there.

Once upon a time, The Associate was a project that had attracted the interest of Shia LaBeouf, who was mooted to star in 2008. That attempt to get things going ultimately failed. We suspect Efron's won't.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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