First trailer for incoming sci-fi film, The Anomaly

Trailer Simon Brew
17 Apr 2014 - 12:53

Ian Somerhalder stars, as the first trailer lands for Noel Clarke's upcoming sci-fi film, The Anomaly...

The ever-industrious Noel Clarke has been busy again, with the first of his new films heading into cinemas this year. This one is The Anomaly, which arrives in UK cinemas on July 4th.

The plot follows a former soldier who finds himself captive in the back of a van, and time not on his side to work out what's going on. With a theme of mind control in there too, and a cast led by Ian Somerhalder (along with an appearance from Brian Cox), this one looks really quite interesting.

Clarke has directed The Anomaly as well, and both the first trailer and poster have landed. Without further ado, trailer first...

And here's the poster...

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