New trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2: more new footage

Trailer Simon Brew 24 Feb 2014 - 10:54

A new three minute promo for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with even more new footage...

As it did with the first The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony is releasing a lot of footage of its upcoming sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The latest example is a new trailer which has popped up at the Columbia Pictures Philippines account, and runs to over three minutes. There's material we've not seen of the film thus far in this new promo too.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally lands in cinemas in the UK next month, ahead of the film's US release in May. And here's the new trailer...

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up.

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Geez, that one hell of a 'here's the full movie' trailer. Skip it if you don't want to know everything, folks!
Also, how can it be that Spidey can carry a squadcar? (Is he going to stop a metro train next? ;-) ) He a superhero and all, but did he also get Captain America like strenght?

I'm not sure where the misconception that Spider-Man isn't very strong came from, but Spider-Man has the proportionate strength of a spider. And can lift between 10 to 20 tons depending on the story,easily more than enough to catch a car mid-air. He has always been much stronger than Captain America. What makes Captain America formidable against someone like Spider-Man is his prowess as a combatant and tactician. But in terms of raw strength, speed, and agility, Spider-Man runs circles around Cap.

Yeah, I hate to be THAT guy, but Cap has never had super human abilities. But possesses peak level human athleticism and physiological conditioning.

But yeah, you're right, pretty spoilery - albeit awesome - trailer

Thanks Sony!

Now I don't need to pay £10 to go see this at the cinema :-)

Trailers like this make me sad. I have no self control so I watch them and then hate myself because I feel I've seen too much already. When I go to the cinema my brain will probably just see it as more of a jig-saw than a film, joining together all the action sequences I've seen already. "Character X can't die here because I haven't seen them in scene Y from trailer 8 yet".

Its been said he hols back his strength when fighting because you know his name isn't Frank Castle.

Did You read the old comics he sprays electro with the water holes, In the Amazing spiderman comic book, See go even ask you guys grandpa's because that's a scene from 1966 comic book.

All these Photo's Iam Seeing is from 1966 comic book , so i know what happens! AND THEY TRY TO MAKE GWEN DIE TO THROW YOU OF SHE'S NOT SHE IS AT THE GRADUTION.

I'm not up to date with the comics when it comes to Captain America (they just don't sell Marvel or DC Comics around where I live sinds the early '90s) so I might have taken a better example.
However in the movies they never exactly told us what Spidey can do. He can walk on walls and ceilings like a spider would, but is he suddenly superpowered with superhuman strenght? Agility, yes. A sixth sense, yes. But how much can he actually take?

The effects for Spidey swinging about look great but, like others, I am a bit confused re the extent of some characters' powers. Not Spidey (he's supposed to be incredibly strong due to the whole proportional strength thing, one comic I remember from the 90's where he switched alter egos and had to carry a bulky jet pack suggested he could be as strong as the Hulk, not sure if that's still true), but can anyone come up with an explanation for the power to control electricity giving you an ability to fly or at least hover in mid-air?

Woah Gwen! Its called a secret identity, you don't go shouting out Spidermans real name in the middle of the street!

It might be similar to Magneto being able to fly/float. Electricity and magnetic fields are related. He might just be using surrounding metal to create magnetic fields that allow him to float around. Although another theory would be in some shots in this trailer he looks more like a being of pure electrical energy than just a man that can control it (look around the 2 minute mark, something weird is happening to his chest).

Marvel's official stats page put his strength at roughly 10 tonnes and give him a 4 out of 7 on their PowerGrid (7 being the very strongest heroes like Hulk and Thor - Cap has a 3).

In Avengers Vs X-Men Spidey fought Colossus (who now also has the power of Juggernaut combined with his own) with it culminating in a stalemate. Later, when Colossus also absorbs the power of the Phoenix Spidey is able to (but only just) survive an enormous beating from the big metal Russian.

It's a known fact about Spidey that when he fights Super Villains he pulls his punches because he is afraid of seriously hurting or killing them if he loses control - something which Superior Spider-Man in the new Marvel NOW stories has no problem doing.

Erm....what did the Super Soldier serum do to him then you idiot?Read the comics n watch the film before you try n be clever

Too true

Thats why she clasped her hand over her mouth.

Actually Jamie is right, the super solder serum only increased his strength, speed and stamina to the peak human level as such its not really classed as a super power

Thanks for the intel. Spidey is a lot stronger than I tought then.

They need to wind this incarnation of Spidey down. It simply isn't working.

She forgot about that.

I managed not to click play, not because I have an abundance of self-control, but because the first rebooted Spidey film was underwhelming and Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker - to my surprise - came across as a bit of a dick.

Keep 'em coming Sony. I'm tight on cash and at this rate I'll be able to edit the entire film together for free.

You're right in some respects, but Captain America reaches the peak ability in all four components of physical fitness (flexibiliy, speed, stamina and strength). It's possible to train in one of these components to an extreme degree, but it's not possible for a human to reach the peak of every one as Cap has.

If I recall correctly, he also has funky radioactive stuff in his blood from the serum. Wasn't that what caused him to survive in suspended animation when frozen?

Like, 80% of this is re-used from older trailers. They haven't revealed much that we didn't already know. A few money shots, yes, but they're all cut up so badly and are out of context. if you don't watch the TV spots you'll be fine.

Based on one film?

The MCU wasn't working after The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2. Perhaps they should have winded that down then.

Give the film a chance, it's Webb and friends' first real shot at the franchise without the origin bogging them down.

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