Another trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Trailer Simon Brew 19 Dec 2013 - 06:53

Sony unleashes another trailer for next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone...

You wait months for a trailer for a big upcoming movie, and then they don't stop coming! It's been a week or two since Sony took the wraps of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with its debut trailer, and since then, an international variant of it has popped up with new footage, and now this further promo for the film has been released too.

Again, there are a few new bits and bobs here, and we suspect this might now be the last trailer for a little while. The film is set for release in the UK on April 18th 2014. Take a look...

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Didn't see anything new in this. Confused by claims that there is. Seems to be the same International Trailer that was online a few days ago.

i wish this God awful franchise would just hurry up and die.

Now why is that? Is it simply that you do not wish to see it, in which case just DON'T, or do you believe that there's a better way to make these movies, that no one else has yet come up with? In which case, why haven't you pitched it to the studio...
I am curious as to why people like you make these sort of posts, with nothing to substantiate them.

Spidey looks to be in over his head. He should call up the Avengers!

in order to bring yourself up to speed go watch the first film

something tells me no one is going to be on the end of the phone call when he tries ! hehe

Is it me or is the 'swinging' cgi not as realistic as the previous trilogy?

its just you

I think it's just the international trailer. The trailer I saw that DoG originally posted about was very different to this one.

No, he's right. This cgi sucks

i think spidey should of gagged Gwen mouth and tied her to that car...... on a side note i am looking forward to this, i might be one of the few but i felt the other film had charm and good action ( thou predictable , but hey its aimed more for kids ) and had the other trilogy not been made i think there would be a lot less moaning about this one. i will pass judgement when the time comes

"i'm sorry the line your trying to connect to has been disconnected "

"I'm sorry, the number you're attempting to call has been blocked by copyright laws."

Fixed that for you ;)

"I am curious as to why people like you make these sort of posts,"

In order to illicit responses exactly like yours perhaps?

Get off your high horse, loser.

There are a few shots in each trailer where the cgi looks like a video game, but overall for the first trailers and given they still have a few months to finalize everything, I think the cgi looks pretty darn good!! I'm excited for this movie and looking forward to it!!

thanks lol.

"You've reached the Life Model Decoy for Agent Nick Fury, now leave a mother-f'in message..." beep

I already saw that one, but i allways like to watch those again, all the trailers seems

like the first one but there is allways news because the next trailers are made of more

with previous scenes and specially new ones to complete more information i think

the last one is allways better even if we have to watch the previous ones.

Well, you really do not know how to classifie a trailer don't you?

you first got there a funny scene with Peter and His aunt

different music by the extension, so it was changed

you got there a different big sentence similar to the one on the first trailer

the part when he stops a bus

some new images of him as spider-man in front on foot and Peter of perfil with a big jacket and with strong sunlight posing

at 1:00 the eletricity goes down and a guy i think i know says that got plans for Peter

at 1:09 to 1:15 you got a different scene about spider-man and electro

the spider and a boy

people claiming

at 1:29 continueing the fight between spider-man and electro

electro says "let's go catch the spider" instead "without spider-man"

the first trailer didn't complete this scene when spider-man catch a car

from killing a cop on this one at 1:35 he spokes to him saying

"need a hand?"

than more electro images with his power that i think is when he shutdown

the intire city

at 1:44 a little Gwen worring wanting to go with Peter but he worried too

putting her far from the fight after with electro puts a web to stop her

and than saying not a bad word but a bad word for spider's reputation:)

last words on the trailer changed

even some more of his swinging stunts

is this nothing new?

This is the second one and the other is the first, the only two already
on the youtube.
They know what is the one to be choose for the international trailer
or do they already have another.

Cool your tits, it'lll get better.

There is also a 4 min trailer that Sony showed to people It is online and downloadable but sony strikes it down when it pops up so it is a matter of timing. Has more with Rhino before the armor. A scene where Peters Aunt is mad because when he did laundry it turned everything red and blue. He tells her he was washing the flag.

My goo would be across her face everyday.

No mutants or special/gifted people either. He's limited to heroes Sony owns.

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