International trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Trailer Simon Brew 16 Dec 2013 - 07:15

More footage lands of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the international trailer for the film...

As is increasingly common after a big trailer launch, a second international flavour of a promo has revealed just a little bit of extra material. So for the sake of completism, here's the international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which adds material that we didn't get to see first time around.

The new film arrivies in UK cinemas on April 18th 2014, and sees Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone leading an extensive cast. Marc Webb returns as director too, and you can see the slightly different trailer for the movie right here...

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I only hope Marc Webb gets a bit more creative control this time., He seems to genuinely want to put his own stamp on these movies, yet the first one reeked of studio interference. Hopefully this one will be better, even if the effects in the trailer really do look straight out of a video game.

I had a lot of criticism for the last trailer, and didn't have very high hopes for this film at all. But this trailer is a HUGE improvement: nice to see a little good, ol' fashioned Spidey humour injected into the proceedings. Whereas the US version looked far too angst-ridden and 'Twilight-cool', this International version actually looks fun.

I wasn't a fan of the last movie, but c'mon - it's Spider-Man: there's no way I won't watch this. And this new trailer makes me a lot more optimistic.

Still hoping that this Spidey is going to get into the MCU, and there are things to cling on to as one daft believer.
1. Spidey skydives from an incredible hight. SHIELD helicarrier maybe?
2. Spidey is not seen as a criminal but a hero and is sheerd on like he already is an Avenger. Like Thor in The Dark World.
3. Spidey merchandise, don't The Avengers have that also in universe? Also, who gets the money of that? Logic would be SHIELD who then passes it through to the hero to keep his or her identity a secret.
4. On big DISNEY (store) logo on Times Square that is in full view.
But the big stop sign in the trailer is the absence of Stark Tower in the skyline, which hasn't replaced the Met Life building. Still this movie could be pre The Avengers of course. And Oscorp Tower can be demolished in the movie.

Also, I'm still wondering what the Oscorp logo did in the Iron Man 3 game.

I know it's an international trailer and all and as such it caters to all our allies, would be allies, enemies... But does he really need the head gear of an ethnic Serb? First Chinese nationals in IM3, now this. I'm pretty sure everybody knows who Spider... Oh, that's his mask. Guess I should watch the vid before commenting. Se' la vi said the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell.

better much better with each bit of info we get! just needs the balance now

Much better than last week's trailer. Lots of Spidey's trademark wisecracking - which is nice to see. Less spoilers too. Actually looking forward to this much more than last one.

This film and the Avengers movies are not set in the same fictional world and never will be until Spidey goes home from Sony to Marvel.

To force this continuity into the MCU one would be ridiculous without some kind of Ultimates type explanation - and even if Spidey does revert to Marvel Sony will still have the rights to the films they already made so crossovers are nigh on impossible.

Not gonna happen.

Spidey can appear in games with Iron Man because the rights deals are different in games to those in films.

You forgot to start your last post with "I'm not being racist but..."

The games are different as Marvel can use what ever characters they like in the games. The rights to spider-man, fantastic four, x-men only extend to films

But you have to agree it's weird for a movie game to have a company that cannot be used in the movies to feature in the game.

Yes, but why was the Oscorp Tower to be in the Avengers skyline? I know it's been used as THE argument to death, but still. Also, Sony has stated that they are working closely with Disney on this movie. Not Marvel but Disney.
But like said before, it's daft hope.

I knew I left somethin out. "Not to sound racist or nothin, but why aren't there Spanish speaking kids at Hogwarts?". I forgot to say that a few years ago too, when I suggested Hufflepuff should be predominantly Central American.

I am really looking forward to this. I always get a little depressed that Spidey isn't in the The Avengers universe tho...and Wolverine...Maybe when they reboot in 10 years I can take my teenage sons to see them..


You're in Hondurans for Hufflepuff too?!

Oh you're thinking of Ricans for Ravenclaw.

Surely there would be mention in Agents of SHIELD or the Thor, Cap & Iron Man films about the day when everyone in New York turned into a giant lizard

Nope - don't have to agree. If they are allowed to use certain names and characters in the games, then why not do it?

The proof of this is the fact that Spider Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men were all in the tie in game for The Avengers movie.

I assume you've heard the news about the Sinister Six and Venom spin off films. I can assure you these would not be happening if they were teaming up with Marvel/Disney. Sony do not want to share their $. They want their own billion dollar Avengers-like film. Fox are doing the same with the X-men and Fantastic Four. Sure, it's a nice dream, but it is not going to happen anytime soon. The only way it could happen is if Sony went under or close to it (they have had financial troubles in the past) and Disney bought them up too.

I love how Gwen screams "Peter!" and then cups her mouth. That gives me hope for this film.

Because Hogwarts is in England and there are very few Spanish speaking kids here. However, we do have a large Pakistani and Indian population in the UK and the only Asian in the whole school is Cho Chang. And no black kids.

I absolutely love Andrew Garfield as Peter. Makes me realise I was merely tolerating Toby Maguire.

Please tell me 'sparkles' is a nickname that sticks. I'd give it a good review on that alone.

What makes Spiderman such a great superhero is his quips. Unlike the majority of heroes, he's very witty and arrogant when he puts his costume on. He projects the confidence he's never been able to have through the costume and it's good to see that Spidey wit come shining through in this trailer. Very excited for this now.

What happened to the black kid that says "it's the Grimm" in Prisoner of Azkaban? And don't forget Angela Johnson, the black Slytherin kid and... Seamus? Or is that the friend?

Interesting about the differences in cultures. Obviously here we have more Spanish speaking folks than any other language. I don't count black or white cuz they just speak English here. In Cuba, they still speak some African languages and have kept the culture. U.S. culture just means LACK of other culture.

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