New poster for The Amazing Spider-Man

News Simon Brew 14 Jun 2012 - 06:47

Emma Stone moves to the forefront in the latest The Amazing Spider-Man picture…

In the next three weeks, you can expect a publicity explosion for Sony’s upcoming webslinger reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. The film is due on 3rd July, and, with The Avengers finally calming down a little at the box office, the second big comic book movie of the summer is imminent.

For now, there’s a brand new poster, and we like the fact that this gives Emma Stone a bit more of the limelight. We’ve a strong suspicion that she’s going to be one of the absolute highlights of the film (not just because we watched Easy A again), even if, er, her eyes don’t appear to be looking at Spidey’s here….

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dead doll eyes...this is a terrible poster

What's with Spidey's (and the new Superman for that matter too) new costume looking like it's made from recycled tyres?

"Gwen, come away with me. Only I can save you from the lens flare of death. Here, let me stare lovingly at... what? What's the matter... with my nose? Why are you staring at it my nose - go'on, get outta here, ya short-armed freak!"

It's the same costume sheets of material Paul, Hollywood is cutting the budgets and recycling all their clothing materials, they bought a job lot.

THey're lucky I want to see this anyway because that poster does nothing for me.

rubbish poster but the new costume looks good

That is one of the most retarded posters I have ever seen. 
And the guy that plays Spider man is a limp-wristed effeminate boy. 

Bad design.

It would have been nice if they kept her headband in, to make her look like gwen and not generic blonde actress that likes to stare at noses.

 Keep your ignorant gay bashing to yourself asshat. Parker is supposed to be a skinny smart kid - ... yet that somehow makes you more uncomfortable than a big muscle-bound dude in tights?

So I just read that this comes out in two weeks! Where the hell are the ads? The tv spots? Any sort of hype at all?!
Spidey-sense tingling...

It's a fair enough opinion- I was angry at the casting as his hair seemed far to generic and 'cool' ... Then I watched the clips- Andrew Garfield deserves our attention, he is a perfect Peter Parker!

Every time I see a post on The Amazing Spider-Man, I get excited that DoG are describing it as 'amazing'. Then I realise my mistake.

cough Nolan's Bat suit is very detailed and realistic for the screen. Add the HD element into digital cinema, and texture becomes very important in setting the tone for the movie.

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