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2 Nov 2012 - 06:25

It looks like Electro will be Andrew Garfield's foe in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And Jamie Foxx will be playing him...

Heading into cinemas the year after next is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the follow-up to the commercially successful reboot of the webslinger. It's a two year gap between films, and that means returning director Marc Webb is working hard to put the blocks of his new film together. Crucially, it looks like he's got his villain.

Variety broke the news that Electro is likely to be the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and that Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx is the man in talks to play him. Any doubt was then seemingly removed by Marc Webb at a press event to push the DVD and Blu-ray release of the first film.

He told reporters that "I think Jamie Foxx is electrifying", going on to praise him as a actor, and declare that "I would love to work with him and you'll be hearing more on that shortly, I'm sure". Thus, while he didn't outright confirm the news, he did pretty much everything but.

Webb also hinted that he could spread his wings more with the second film. "In the first movie, I still had to honour some of the elements of the origin story", he said. "But I also wanted to redefine the context of it because I'm building a different universe than what we've seen before".

He added that "Now, as we're approaching the sequel, it's really exciting because I feel quite liberated. I have a universe that's my own. I don't have an obligation to the origin story. It's pretty fun and exciting and I can dig deeper into the parents".

We'll have more on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is due in the summer of 2014, as we get it.

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